About panning on Mk1

I got a second-hand mk1.
I cannot hard-pan sound on the main output, there’s always remaining sound on the opposite out.
Would it be an issue on my unit?

maybe you have effects applied to the individual sounds? you can always assign your channels to A/B ; you do lose the master effects in that case

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… mostly this.

Does this apply to all tracks?
if the effect send is not the reason, maybe there is an LFO assigned to the pan?

Yes it does apply to all tracks, no effects no LFO.
It sounds like outputs “spills” out on each other.
The phone output gives me clean hard-panned sound, by comparison it also sounds more loud and punchy than the main out.

Not in front the the MD so… is it possible that sounds are assigned to individual outs C/D/E/F which then are routed back to the main A/B which then would be in mono?