About Octatrack Midi note length and other questions

Hello people,
I am thinking of buying an OT, but I am a little bit hesitant. I had the mk1 and sold it a couple of years ago due to some issues which I didn’t like.
The first reason was the Fx’s quality, which I suppose remain exactly the same and as a second reason was the Midi note length. I remember to cutting of the note’s length at the next trigger (the synthesizer was capable to play polyphony of course). Another reason was the time stretch, which was a little bit a joke, as I remember its time stretch was for one octave and not even totally successful (I might be wrong).
Are the mk2 have the same Midi note length issue and in your opinion what other major disadvantages has the OT?

Nothing improved concerning above points, and it will probably never change. I’d rather think about Octatrack’s strengths, but if you only think about its disadvantages, it’s probably better to choose something else.


Yes of course is capable for many things and has many features, but as there is a Mk2 series with a high price I was wondering about the improvements.

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There are hardware differences between MKI and MKII but they share the same OS, same functionalities, and limitations! :content:

You can check last OS Release note, listing all improvements / bugs corrections since the OS you used…

Concerning notes length overlap, it’s possible with Digitakt/Digitone midi tracks.

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Yes, maybe I will wait for the mk3, haha or something else. Thnx mate

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Dont forget, it comes in black (again) which is totally worth the increased price…

Sounds like you dont want an octatrack if you dont like the FX or midi functioning.

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Yes the midi is an issue for me. I have a prophet 6 desktop and some other gear, which I want to receive midi notes from the OT and imagine to play 3 notes trying to add another one and then the whole chord to be cut. I don’t say that the OT is bad, but it might not work for me and with 1400 euro there are many choices.

To avoid cuts you can use several midi tracks on the same midi channel.

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