ABLETON USERS how you sync MnM without monitoring latency


Hello guys,I just bought sync gen 2 ,but i havent been able to install it properly yet.
I have connected 2 audio cables from my soundcard into Transport/Sync inputs of the Sync-gen,and on ‘‘Trigger’’ i have connected the machinedrum
Do I need to make some adjustment on ableton or something? I open the vst on an audio channel but there is a static buzz coming out from the speakers,nothing else
help pls
thanks <3


After 3 years i stumble upon that old post of mine and i have the solution for free straight from ableton’s preferences no need buying anything fancy at the midi preferences tab you send a negative delay to the midi clock that ableton is sending to your hardware and boooooom everything is solid again, it was too easy afterall


Please don’t do that. That delay is not compensated. As you add latency inducing devices, your sync will be off.

Do this instead.


not much problem the midi clock latency is stable if you find it in the midi pref on a blank project you are ok that number will always stay the same… then the add up latency introduced by the plugs you put on a project is removable from the drive error compensation in Audio tab of the preferences. So if you notice latency on your recording you jump right to the drive error and you move it -1 2 3ms depend on the case.