Ableton template for recording pattern changes, mutes, knobs changes from Elektrons - did I dream it?

I could have sworn I saw a template for Ableton on here which could record all your pattern changes, mutes, knob changes etc. as MIDI data while you play live with an Elektron box, then you can go back and edit it.

Googling turns up nothing. Does anyone know what I am talking about!?

This one maybe?


Ah yes that’s the one, thanks! I wonder if I could do something similar with the Rytm. I’d love to play a track live and capture all the performance data so I can go back and edit it. Wonder if enough MIDI data gets sent… that’s my mission for today!

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In fact perhaps Overbridge makes this trivial… will check it out

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Nearly but not quite, as far as I can tell! Recording live performance automation to Ableton via Overbridge for editing - how to ensure correct initial state?