Ableton Live 11

if you plug ur ipad in via lighting/usb it turns up as an audio interface and u can route audio from ableton to the ipad and back again. latency isnt great but it works. you need to enable the ipad as an audio device in audio/midi setup, i think i have mine as an aggregate device.

That’s iDAM mode, but it only works in one direction for audio: iPad > Mac. Midi goes both ways though.

I prefer plugins as they’re contained inside the project.

im pretty sure i have used eventide space on ios as a send from ableton and it worked ok for me. been a while since i tried it so may have changed or may be misremembering.

Exactly… don’t open a project for a week and you probably forgot that there was an iPad in the chain. That’s why I started to only work ITB right now … to many projects already on my HW machines where I forgot which devices were involved and therefore will never finish those projects. I’d need to change / overthink my whole workflow and start making notes etc. – lots of discipline involved!


11.1 Installed. Opened in Rosetta first and then Native as I’d heard that recommended for Apple’s AU wrapper to function properly in Logic so thought I’d try it here as well.

So far it’s flawless. CPU meter seems much more stable and is sitting a good 20-30% lower in the more hectic parts of large projects. All plugins running are operating as normal in AU format (Soundtoys, PA, Arturia, Sountoys, FabFilter, Valhalla, U-He). I’ve heard VST format is less stable.

I am also experiencing fewer spikes/dropouts while using other programs simultaneously. I like to listen to my tracks while doing other tasks and audio dropouts used to be frequent when having a few Chrome tabs open and scrolling around etc but not anymore.

All in all very happy with this.

I’ve been on the 11.1 beta for a month or so and have been really happy with the performance on my M1Max when running native. Can’t wait until Plugin Alliance, Sonible, Soundtoys, and SSL get updated to M1 native too. From my experience the native plugins just run so much better that I’ve been avoiding anything through rosetta.

Funny enough, I just got Bitwig Studio installed this morning because it’s already M1 Native and am starting to dig around in there for the first time. I was offered a NFR so why not?


Overbridge’s Total Recall helps, up to a point.


If you hold down the Option/Alt key while resizing one column, it resizes them all, and makes all the devices appear with their names.


Wrote Goodhertz and Plugin Alliance about their lack of native M1 support this morning, basically telling them I read their FAQ but it’s annoying to me so I wanted to annoy them too :+1:


Hi guys.
I got a question about comping in Ableton 11.

I got it all working and really happy with this feat for different needs.
I use comping when multi tracking my live jams and was wondering if theres a feature to lay out all the lanes in serial as in lane 1, 2 and so on for all tracks recorded.
I know how its done manually, just hoping that was a shortcut command that could do this.

I just installed 11.1 and its crashing on launch (lol).

Have put in a support ticket, not sure what it is, I do use a custom template set and it crashes after saying thats what its loading.

Does anyone know where on the filesystem that gets stored? (on macos) I could try move it out of the way.

I’d like to know where the user library is just to back up all my presents and templates anyway

Mine was doing the same. Support referred me to this article that sorted it.

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Thank you that got it going again!

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I’m still using Live 10 and am wondering how good 11 is, in regards to working with hardware gear (clocking and sequencing). Is the newer Ableton still really jittery over USB MIDI, or is it more stable now? Would I also need to invest in something like the Multiclock if I want a proper hybrid setup?

Thanks in advance for any help answering these questions.

I’ve been using an Expert Sleepers USAMO to get jitter free clocks from Ableton to the outside world for the last 5 years or so and can highly recommend this solution. I don’t think jittery MIDI over USB is necessarily strictly an Ableton thing, more a MIDI over USB thing.


Boils down to your setup. No DAW is really tight, its about the computer. My MacBook is really good but I still use a sync box because I have one. I think that is the best way to record gear in, especially if you like to multitrack a drum machine in multiple takes for example.

The USAMO didn’t work well with my interface. Its cheap though. The ERM worked without any real setup and I never had to think about it again. One thing to note is that the MIDI that comes out of the ERM or any sync box is not going to be time corrected. What a sync box does is sends dead accurate clock to your hardware. It does this by using audio triggers from the plugin you run in the DAW. The midi coming out of your DAW will always be jittery. Not the end of the world with synths honestly. It is quite miniscule. But it sucks with drum machines so I always sequence those on the gear itself.

the new MacBook Pro sequences rather tightly so its not a big issue for me. Just something you shuold know - nothing really can fix jittery MIDI out from the DAW. But jittery clock timing? Yes, that is fixed for sure.


Anyone using their Macbook Pro M1 pro/max with Ableton live 11?
Im seeing annoying cursor bug, and no descriptions with mouseover on the topbar. (See video below). Tried reinstalling with no luck. Common bug for M1 pro/max users, or just me?

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Same, occasionally.

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Yes, also get this issue at times.

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