Ableton Live 11

convolution reverb pack is now updated too. check 11.1’s browser.

Feels like the wait for native Apple silicon support has been so long that I’ve switched over to Bitwig for good now. Just tried 11.1 and it’s ok but not enough to make me want to use it again.

YMMV if you’ve bought into the whole Max/Push ecosystem of course. :slight_smile:

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that’s odd, not on my end?!

Glitchiness on my intel Mac seems to have been fixed. Live is usable again :slight_smile:

it said ‘updates available’ at the bottom of the browser>packs here. updated directly from there.

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Base CPU usage in previous versions of Live was around 27%. Now it’s 5%.

So all good here :slight_smile:


Thanks! didn’t see that haha

I don’t think this is the case, if you open Finder and go to the Go menu > Go to Folder, then paste /Applications/Ableton Live 11 Library/Samples and press the “Go” button, I think they are all there.

Not sure what the equivalent location on Windows is but I assume you could find them by searching for a known file name e.g. “Kick Blue Room.wav”


hmm… seems like you are right! Last time I tried to rip a kit it was definitely protected … converted one .aif to .wav – though I feel like there is a trap somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:


If I remember I’ll give it a try when I can too. It was definitely encoded/protected at one point. The software would create the map but wouldn’t play the samples

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Core Library samples are useable outside of Live (not sure if this is new or not) but all other Packs’s samples are locked.


That’ll be what I encountered. Was the packs I was trying to map a while back.

Brilliant! Got them in XO and Atlas now!

Another cheeky request, has anyone created an Ableton Drum Rack for Atlas with the individual outs in a chain?

Good things…

Now please Push 3 standalone + Push 3 mini vesrion to travel around and perform without laptop…


The performance improvement is very noticeable. On my 2017 iMac Pro I was getting 27-30% CPU on single tracks sometimes. Now I am running at 3-5% depending on what’s going on. Thank you ableton.


I was having some pretty major CPU issues as well on a 2018 intel Mini. Just installed the update and I’m seeing similar improvements.

It’s been pretty bad since 11 came out on and off honestly. Hopefully this will take care of the major performance issues/bugs🤞🏻

Now just give me ARA2 and I’ll never cheat on you again Ableton Live :kissing_heart:

Edit: Chit chat is nice but I like to add some helpful information as well sooo…

Did you know you can see an overview of plugins on every track in Session view?

Just add -ShowDeviceSlots

To your Options.txt (create it if it doesn’t exist) file in the Ableton Preferences folder.

on Mac: /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live 11.1

not sure on Windows but I’m sure someone else can chime in.

note: it’s buggy in that it won’t show the names until you resize the track. I guess since it’s a hidden feature they don’t care about the bugs as much?

It adds a toggle for plugin slots view on the right side:
Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 12.31.28 PM


Having no luck here. Installed and its on for a second then crashes on MacMini 2018 Catalina.

Cant be assed to troubleshoot so Im rolling hack for now.

Not bothered for new features just the stability improvements you guys have mentioned above.

Whoa thanks for that. It’s getting closer to cubase mixconsole.

Also it’s not cheating on your DAW if you are using another DAW to just « edit the audio »

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Do you all know if it is possible to automate the decay on a clip? What i mean is when you load an audio clip or loop and can select Beat, and then select it to play forwards. It gives you the slider to tighten up the transients. Can you automate that? I cant seem to do it.

I had so much troubles with Catalina that I made a Time Machine backup and tried Monterey.

I made sure all of my hardware had drivers etc… so I wasn’t losing anything important. Monterey turned out to be so much better in my Intel 2018 Mac mini. Might be worth a shot if you back up first and do your research.