Ableton Live 11

I can’t find any results for this online, so I don’t imagine anyone else here will have experienced this, but…

Has anyone ever turned on their computer one day and found that a bunch of their Ableton project folders randomly acquired the same last-modified date?

About 50 of my Ableton projects, spanning from mid-2020 to a few months ago, suddenly all have modified dates of March 26 at 7:31 PM. The .als files themselves still have their original dates, as do backup and project info, but I can no longer sort my projects by date in Finder because the folders themselves have the wrong date.

Did you copy your folder from one place to another?

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I actually did when I upgraded to a new computer in November… but I didn’t copy anything on March 26, and many of the folders were created after I upgraded.

Looking deeper, things only get stranger. There are other dates shared between groups of folders, such as half a dozen with a last-modified timestamp of February 22 at 6:03 PM. Could this be something Ableton is doing when Live gets updated?

It happened to me only one time, when I copied files from an old PC to a NAS and back to another PC, years ago. Got all files with the 1970 creation date timestamp due to my NAS misconfig.
Starting from that time, I name my files with the YMD-Filename nomenclature to stay safe, and for better organization and ordering of the files. EG: “20220614-This-post-comment.als”.
I’m afraid that once the file data is gone (creation or mod), is not possible to get it back.

Are you on mac or pc?

Care to share the title of the book? I am going back and forth between the A4 and ableton 11/push as my summer jam setup

Electronic Music and Sound Design
Theory and Practice with Max 8

Alessandro Cipriani


Have Ableton said anything about when Convultion Pro reverb and some other Max4Live plugins will be apple silicon compatible?

if they’re packs not produced by ableton it’s up to the 3rd party developer to update them. some have been updated recently. pattr and k-devices and some others… they show up in the library window in ableton when i launch… so i just update as they’re available.

i haven’t read anything specific to convolution pro but i thought it already was native? i’m running ableton native mode and max is native… loaded convolution pro no problem. seems to work fine.

is it not working for you or something? i’m on the latest beta though so that might be an issue… but i thought it was updated w/last live update?


volume 3 is out in italian and is being translated to english… hopefully out later this year in english.


Thats good to know for the future. Hopefully I can make good progress with Vol 1

Okay, are convolution Pro made by Ableton?

It works under Rosetta but in native mode I get this message when I try to open it.

Do you only run the beta or do you also use the latest officially released version? I use the latter, but I could download the beta and see how it works there.

I think you need to update it in the “packs” window

Edit - you need to update the reverbs in the packs window

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You also need to have “show available packs” turned on in preferences.


Ableton does not show under packs that it is an update available, although I have the mentioned setting on. But I manually reinstalled it and now it works!


I’ve got a bunch of tracks where I have to export various clips to use in an MPC Live 2.

What’s the most efficient way to export clips from the Session window (Arrangement is usually blank for me) that include FX/EQ, etc, that I have on the channel?

(Note: I’m not concerned about catching the Rev/Del Send FX, I can replicate that in the MPC.)

Freeze/flatten then crop and right click > show in Finder > drag and drop to where you like.

The above process will print the clip with fx which loops perfectly.

That said I usually just resample a bunch of clips into another channel then crop them all at once, then right click > show in Finder > highlight all the files at once (you can check the times they were made to ensure they’re the right ones) then move to my location of choice. I find it quicker as it cuts out the freeze>flatten>crop process.


Finally got into probability w/ follow actions last night. Oh this is nice. Having a variety of midi clips feeding my Nord Lead 4, automating impulse morphs differently per clip… with probability to which clip is fired. :heat:

I mainly updated to 11 for the Apple Silicon native compatibility, but now I’m really getting my money’s worth.


Ableton Live 11 is the gift that keeps on giving! I haven’t tried probability w/follow actions yet but sounds like a fab way to get really tasty probabilistic drum breaks out of hardware.


Is there an unofficial guide to 11, with example files, a bit like the MPC bible series?
I’m looking for something written I can use without internet connection on a week away.
Got the official manual.


Does anyone have a good plugin organisation system in Ableton that they’re happy with and would feel proud to share? :upside_down_face:

I feel like I need a better system for quickly accessing the plugins I use regular, and to keep it focussed… any ideas welcome.