Ableton live 10


It´s Beta time again. Live 10.1 is now in open Beta for all licence owners.

Some highlights

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Have fun :sunglasses:


Freezing sidechained channels! Automation shapes! VST3! Custom wavetables!


Bouncing individual stems with return and master fx :pray:


Pinch Zooming :smiley:

I know it’s the smallest thing, but its going to be the most immediate thing I’m going to appreciate.


well it’s starting to have enough new stuff in I want to make me upgrade then…


that was what stoked me up the most, too!

i am a simple man.


Good improvements. Still would like some template feature though :[


Do you mean a default setup? there is a way to change that in the “file folder” tab on preferences.


Best workflow feature


Not just a single default, but multiple (templates). Other DAWs have templates so you can load a template for “Mixing”, “Producing”, “Piano + Vocals”, “Sound Design”, etc


that would be awesome


I’m new to Live, but I’ve been reading the manual lately, and this is what I discovered:

5.5.4 Template Sets

Use the File/Folder Preferences’ Save Current Set as Default button to save the current Live Set as the default template. Live will use these settings as the initialized, default state for new Live Sets. You can use this to pre-configure:

•Your multichannel input/output setup.
•Preset devices, like EQs and Compressors, in every track.
•Computer key mappings (page 583).
•MIDI mappings (page 573).

To delete your custom template Set, press the Clear button in the File/Folder Preferences. This will restore the built-in factory template. You can also temporarily load the built-in factory template by holding [Shift] while selecting New Live Set from the File menu.

In addition to this “master” default template, you can create additional template Sets for different types of projects, each with their own unique configuration of tracks, devices, etc. To do this, create a folder called “Templates” within your User Library. Any Sets saved to this folder will then function as templates: they will load with the configuration you saved, but with the name Untitled.als, ready to be used as a new Set.

So it appears that creating a Templates folder in the User Library would allow saving multiple templates rather than just one.


Just watched some vidos on the new features in 10.1 and I’m gently impressed. Don’t think there’s anything here that will be persuading non-Live users to ditch their existing DAWs but this is a nice set of well considered improvements. I can picture myself loading some characterful simple waveforms (e.g. sin’s or tri’s from Plogue Chipsounds) into Wavetable and having some fun times with the Osc FX. But I think the automation improvements will be really transformative.

Can’t wait for it to come out of beta.


As good as this update is, I really wish there were more updates to the Push. Specifically the Push 1.


that’s the advantage of reading manuals I guess :slight_smile:


live 9 saw Generous updates, can’t wait to see what 10.5 looks like!

also, wavetable is a fcking beast



Aww cheers! Ned Rush’s vidos are great. Will watch this with a cuppa a little later.


It’s made me realize how excited I should be for this update and not just being like “oh cool! Pinch zoom!”


whoa and VST 3 support, finally!