Ableton live 10


Wavetable is great.
If you don’t own the grand master Serum you come pretty close with this.
Being an Ableton synth the integration is flawless.
The mod matrix design is really clever


Updating the m4l LFO’s to now have multiple destinations is friggin awesome


Updated to 10, it is very very nice
Tried maschine mk3, also nice, But the push mk2 is unbelievable


Push 2 is ace! Dig it. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to fly back home to play with the new probability pack. Goodbye Toulouse salut San Francisco…:grinning:

Can you imagine what trouble you can get into with your favorite monosynth.

I’ll also try it on Arturia spark and maxforlive instruments.

FREE update for live 10 suite owners.


Was very frustrated at Live last night for royally screwing up some songs (missing freeze samples and corrupt wavs, or something like that). After playing with the Probability pack I’m back in a good mood. Can’t wait to try it out with Push when I get home. I’m truly amazed at the value of some of these Max4Live packs being released recently. Kudos to Ableton. Wonder what Loop in November will bring?


Hey @psyclone001 how did you manage to update these m4l midi lfo’s ? Mine still look just like the old version. Thanks !


Look in m4l folder ‘max audio effects’
You should see 2 lfo devices
Old one with 1 destination
New one with up to 8 destinations


Did this happen with the 10.0.3 update?


No came with first version of 10


Ah sorry for the confusion, I meant the probability pack


They were only released a day or 2 ago


Look in Packs > Available Packs to download. Seems it’s from one of these Ableton-endorsed third party developers.

Fun to use these with Push 2!


A new product for Max-4-Live is underway, being created by Chaos Culture, and will be marketed by Isotonik Studios. They are calling it “Parameter Control” for the time being – it allows you to create Max-4-Live objects with tighter control of other parameters in Live than is normally allowed. It is in beta at the moment with the release set for the end of 2018. This should allow even better performance than is currently possible and allow the creation of new classes of controllers for Live. (We’ll see how well the final product does to hit these goals.)

Skip in to 7:10 of this video from SynthFest 2018 at the Ableton booth to hear about and see this product displayed.

Will Ableton decide to acquire this if it is successful?


No, Isotonik don’t host anything with Ableton.


The Ableton Live 9 Lite license that came with my recent Novation Launch Control XL purchase has magically been upgraded to an Ableton Live 10 Lite license.

So that’s kind of nice. Eight tracks galore.


yeah ableton is pretty cool. i emailed them last year about a lite 9 licence for my 7 year old and they hooked me up. in the end i was able to use an early version of 9 suite instead, but they were cool about it nonetheless


Yeah – I had upgraded a few years back from Ableton Live 1 (full version at the time) to Live 9 Suite. I had never registered it for whatever reason, so Ableton had me scan the first page in the manual and pay a nominal upgrade fee (don’t remember how much, but i remember thinking is that all?) and i was good to go. I now have 10 and Push 2.


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Just went through this myself. The best fix I could find was to open live and simply right click on the plugin in the browser and uncheck “Auto Scale Plugin Window.” This allowed me to keep running the rest of my plugins in hidpi. There is a new setting in Live 10 where you can check and uncheck hidpi in the preferences menu, and although unchecking it will solve the issue, it means everything won’t look as good. Unchecking “Auto Scale” on each soundtoys plugin individually works better and you only need to do it once for the program to save the settings.