Ableton live 10


maybe you could argue that upgrading live is a little pricey, but you can’t say that ableton isn’t generous w their updates.


I was just playing with it… seems Length is note length, and all the rows move at the same speed. Still a lot of fun though, and the Poli synth sounds pretty great, which surprised me.

On the topic of Wavetable, it’s perhaps my favorite synth at this point (toss up between that and Operator). It’s just so fun to program and I love its sound.


Shoot. That’s what I figured after I woke up a bit.

There’s got to be a sequencer out there like that somewhere though(outside of the Isotonik Frogger sequencer- because that’s the only cool sequencer in their Arcade package returns)

I suppose nodal?

Edit: Found it


moor is great fun though i’m having problems understanding how save preset in m4l works.
when using moor on midi out track to modular vco the result are… sporadic :smile:


Sweet! Thanks for the feedback of it! Probably the next thing I’ll buy


good fun with plugins and it should work as good with outboard gear if set up correctly



no summer upgrade deals for us live 9 users yet?



Next discount period is when I will upgrade. Making Max native and quicker is the main thing I am upgrading for.


native max is a big un, but also looking forward to the small workflow improvements. I hope audio editing in the arrangement view has gotten more fluid, and grups within groups will be handy too!

furthermore, didn’t sysex support also cone in v 10? That’s major and will be undoubtedly interesting esp with max :diddly:


Just being able to zoom in the arrangement view with a modifier is pretty neato. I also like the new way of turning on and off automation with a hotkey. And groups within groups are awesome. I just love working in live. It is not the most flexible program, but I find it so quick, and with the 10 update even quicker.


Gotta give a shout out to Ableton for being so proactive on the video tutorials. Very cool.

Now… just to find the time to go through them all and find things I’ve missed/overlooked.

This is also cool…

Some good tips for me personally. Some insight into one of my all-time favorites - Rhythm & Sound. They are masters of keeping their methods secret. So any little tidbits of info gleaned from the web are helpful. Good on ya Ableton.

Rum + Rhythm & Sound + Production secrets + smoked jerked chicken on a warm Sunday evening = Heaven. Cheers everyone. :smile:


Off topic but if you buy cubase 9.5 the free tutorials they give on YouTube is better than what I paid for at groove3. :slight_smile:


Arrangement is much improved. It’s a lot of small fixes that add to a big amount of workflow improvement Groups within groups is what got me to upgrade, haha.


Sorry but I find the sound of it pretty boring. I like Ableton Live and have used it for many years but the Live instruments are not so great IMO. If you are used to the full great sound/timbre of the Digitone I think you will find Wavetable’s sound flat and uninspiring. I think a serious wavetable synth like Icarus from Tone2 (or Waldorf Nave) sounds much better so I’d recommend those instead.


How about operator then :wink:


Ha. I see what you did there. :grin: Sneaky.


Operator’s awesome!


Wavetable sounds miles better than digitone to my ears, starting with the filters, to each his own.


Finally upgraded my Ableton Live 7 Standard to 10 Suite. Let the good times roll!


That’s a decent jump. Enjoy!