Ableton live 10


How is the wavetable synth in general? It’s one of the few things that seriously makes me want to give Ableton 10 a try; if only it had a temporary license option for the full suite. I’m not quite convinced to leave my Renoise+Reaper+hardware setup just yet…


Do you have push 2?

Even without push 2 it’s intuitive if you don’t know what you’re doing. The waveform display makes me feel like I’m in a modern art exhibit as I dial through presets. Once I get to the preset I want I sculpt away.

How does wavetBle compare to something like massive? They’re both good wavetable synths. Wavetable just has a prettier GUI in my eyes so I want to tweak away. The 3D look of wavetable and serum make make want to tweak and just hit one note for that bass line. Never used serum so I can’t comment on that.

If you have massive rumor is it will get a facelift under massive x. Sometimes facelifts don’t always work because battery 3 isn’t as pretty as battery 4 but it can do more under the hood.


You can do some of those things with PrEditor:


Pretty great. Nice tables. Awesome modulation matrix


Imo it’s the best stock instrument Ableton has. I’ve been using Ableton for a little over 3 years now and I was always a little unimpressed with some of their stock sounds (the audio effects are great though) but Wavetable changed the game for me. Even a plain piano-esque sine wave setting sounds absolutely incredible.


I think Operator and Collision are great as well


haha, i don’t have any instruments in Live but operator and sampler because those were released around version 5 and i bought them separately…i used to use them a lot, not so much any more.

still on Live 9 here, jumped to Bitwig for the time being w/ a push1.

i’d like to give Live10 a test drive, but missed the beta window. maybe i’ll come back around and give it a dabble again as the praise has been pretty positive so far.


i love operator. i guess i can’t reallu wrap my head around collision. i can never get a good sound out of it. i love wavetable, but operator gets used way more, especially for bass.



yeah okay maybe i need to dig a little more haha, thanks for that @Unifono


I know they both can do some wonderous things, neither were ever my cup of tea. Although I’ve been spoiled by Reaktor long before using good ol’ Abes which is probably why I never got to know them very well. There’s something about Reaktor ensembles that just breathes life into everything, imo. That’s how I feel about Wavetable too; even the most basic waveforms seem to have some extra bite/breath/life to them. That could totally be placebo though as I’m a sucker for most new and shiny things, haha.


Interesting. I still mostly use the factory ensembles but yeah, they’re good quality. I should get back into it now that I have experience with nord modular, pd etc.


Just seen this added to the Live website for L10.

Looks like some useful tools and effects to get into.


FYI, I’ll say that Ableton 10.0.2 has been really unstable for me. Candy wheel spins and spins. Some songs won’t even open. Just crashes constantly. Went back to 10.0.1 and everything works fine. Did have horrific flashbacks to the early days of Live 9 for a while though.

On mac OS… Yosemite, I think? At work right now and can’t remember. (Jesus, I can’t even keep up with all these OS updates anymore. )


Wow. Nice one, Ableton. Not only do I continue to reduce hardware but I’ll probably be able to start reducing 3rd party plugins. What is going on here? Ableton is on a mission to combat the affliction of GAS.


Man! I’m so happy that I decided to upgrade to 10 Suite now!

If that sequencer is what I think it is- I’ve actually been looking for a sequencer like that


Did you allow it to auto update? I remember some issues with this a while back. Its always better to download the installer and be sure to NOT write over the previous installation during the install process. Just an idea


Yeah, it was set to auto update for some reason. I don’t remember ever having that checked before, but oh well. I think it’s under control now. Thanks.


Aye that Melodic Steps looks great fun!


The more I think about it, the more I doubt it being what I want it to be.

But, I’m hoping that the “length” is more than just the note length in the sequence, but time it takes before the sequencer moves onto the next step.