Ableton doesn’t recognize Digitakt MIDI while in OB Mode

Hey everyone,

Trying to get my Digitakt setup so it can control my soft synths using the MIDI channels. However, when I go under the link/MIDI section there is literally nothing listed under “Midi ports”. It’s like Ableton just doesn’t recognize it.

The funny part is Overbridge is working just fine (currently streaming audio from all 8 tracks), so I know the USB cable and USB port are functional. What could be going on here?

PS: i’ll also note the same Digitakt sends MIDI just fine on another Mac I own. Both are running 9.7 :thinking:

Bump. I just realized that MIDI sends to Ableton fine when NOT in Overbridge mode, so it seems to be an OB specific issue. Transfer also doesn’t recognize Digitakt while in Overbridge mode. Huh.

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i’m having the same issue on pc with live 10, did you open a ticket?

Yup - I opened a ticket yesterday. I’ll report back if I hear anything.


Having the same issue regarding the mac not recognizing Digitakt MIDI as an input. It works fine via overbridge in both Ableton and Studio One, but Transfer does not recognize the Digitakt and neither does Studio One in the External Device setup page.