(Ableton) Do I need the Overbridge Hub to record the Digitone and Digitakt? Or 2 USB ports ok?


Odd on here, so I’m testing Overbridge with Ableton at the moment. I have the Digitone going through the Digitakt where my headphones are and have the Digitakt’s USB plugged into the laptop and Ableton open. I’m using the ASIO drive and have the Digiakt selected as the audio interface - all good.

For a basic recording I’m just using Pre-Mixer and not individual tracks and it records fine in Abletone.

Now I have added the second USB cable from the Digitone as I wanted to record the Pre-Mixer from both separately, so 1 track each for the DT and DN.

Anyway I only see 1 every record out of the 2, is the by design and why I should by the Overbridge Hub as it is many Elektron devices down to one input?

Only the Digitone is recording.