Ableton cannot find Overbridge VSTs

I am running Windows 10 and Ableton Live 10.1.
I have insallted Overbridge
I have an Analog Four mkII and overbridge engine detects it.
Ableton Live can use the Analog Four mk2 audio device as normal.

Inside “C:\Program Files\Elektron Overbridge” I find some .dll files like ElektronOverbridge_AF2_x64.dll. I assume this is the VST. I have tried changing the VST folder in Ableton to “C:\Program Files\Elektron Overbridge”. I have tried moving the .dll files to my regular VST folder. I have rescanned all plugins, and restarted ableton, and restarted the computer, several times, but it still does not show the plugins inside Ableton Live?

I can’t remember exactly but they are put somewhere in your c drive.
They should be labeled for each of the devices…
Digitakt, digitone, Analog Four dll etc…each one has its own plugin
Keep looking The dll file you found is not the plugins you are looking for

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Huh. I downloaded the trial of REAPER DAW and it found the plugins straight away. So it seems it’s just a problem with Ableton Live…

Here’s the file listing of C:\Program Files\Elektron Overbridge I think I see the files you mentioned for each named device. I assume ElektronOverbridge_AF2_x64.dll means Analog Four mk2.

But I didn’t find any other files in any other sort of VST folder (I googled common VST paths and they were all empty directories on my system)

Ableton is checking in a different location than Reaper, then.

Check the Steinberg directory under Program Files.

Thank you VERY much. They were in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\Elektron (64bit) and copying them from there worked.


It’s a bit confusing but I’m pretty sure the other files you found were built for the standalone app.


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I missed checking the 64 bit Program Files, so it is my bad. I double checked for an option in the installer to specify a different directory, I don’t think there is one.

There is one (when the installer hasn’t changed), but it’s not as obvious as it could be: