A4mkII soft update problem(solved)


Hi Elektronauts !!

So the issue i have with my A4mkII is as follows ;

  • Im a noob
  • my soft ver. is 1.35b
    -overbridge says that the soft ver. is not compatible (latest overbridge)
    -so I’ve downloaded the latest soft update 1.36
    -i set my A4 to soft update mode and try to send sysx to it via C6 but nothing happens
    -i tried diffrent usb cables
    -i tried to send it via midi cable also (over my interface)
    -i tried different software to send it via midi
    -when im sending via usb or midi the bar is going slowly to 100% no probs but it seems like the A4 is not really willing to cooperate , nothing happens
    -im really running out of ideas and getting frustrated becouse i would love to make some projects in Ableton, and i cannot
  • on top of that when im sending sound pack everything is piccobello… :smile:
    i tried win10 and win7 machine same thing
    -please HELP …
    Thanks for any tips in advance
    Kind Regards


I’m on Mac but I couldn get C6 to work for me when updating my AR2. In the end I just used a another third party sysex tool. There are loads of free ones out there. I think it was Sysex Librarian.

C6 runs fine but like you the AR just didn’t seem to be able to see the sysex message. I assumed it was something to do with the Mac and it’s midi ports but if you’re on Win then that discounts that idea


Make sure your midi settings are setup for usb only and that overbridge mode is off.
Examples shown on DN but are same across all the modern boxes


OMG it worked, that was it… LOVE U GUYS THANKS A LOT