A4MKII not receiving OS Upgrade from C6


Hi guys,
i just downloaded the OS Upgrade for finally using Overbridge on my Mac. In order, I selected the A4 on C6 configure page, loaded the syx file and clicked send. On the A4 i selected OS Upgrade (with the screen saying "waiting for sysex) but it doesn’t receive anything. I’ve also have got usb-midi only config on. Don’t know what to do and i wanna use Overbridge! Please Help!!!


The receiving side must be started (listening) first.


I’m not getting what you mean!?


The A4 must be in the state “waiting for sysex’” BEFORE you start to send the data.

MIDI is a unidirectional protocol. So when you send the sysex BEFORE the receiver is listening, the data gets lost (the receiver will never see the start of the sysex block).


Ok I got it. But this is the way I did it and it’s still not working.


At least you described it the other way around (which will not work, for sure).

Does your Mac “see” the A4 as MIDI device? Can you use it in a DAW or something similar?

The is a delay option somewhere in C6 (MIDI preferences?) to slow down the transfer. You can try to slow it down a bit and see if it then works.


delay options aren’t working, and Ableton doesn’t seem to comunicate with the A4 through USB Cable.