A4Mk1 and Linnstrument: clock, trigless trigs, patterns as presets?

Greetings. I’m trying to get my A4 happening with my Linnstrument, which if you don’t know is a MIDI controller. Here are my questions.

  1. I can’t seem to get the A4 to to send MIDI clock over DIN. My settings under global are:

Clock send on
Transport send on
I’ve tried output to MIDI and USB+MIDI
Are there other settings I need to be looking at?

The LInnstrument hears nothing.

Just to troubleshoot, I tried a different DIN MIDI cable, no luck. Then I hooked it up to my computer trough the DIN port on my interface, Ableton Live hears no clock sync either. MIDI over USB seems to work fine.

MIDI in works fine for playing notes from the Linnstrument.

Any other suggestions?

  1. Is there a way to set up a “trigless trig” like on the Octatrack, so no note sounds, but on the 3rd beat of every measure I open up a “send” to the delay or something? I don’t want to sequence notes, but I do want to sequence effects, and maybe even eventually get into sound locks and the like. I can’t find a way to do it without sending a note.

  2. Am I right that kits, sounds, arpeggiator settings, tempos and MIDI settings are saved with patterns? I’m playing in a band and would like to be able to quickly switch sounds, effects settings, arepeggiator settings, and voice and track allocations between songs. It would seem pattern select could be the way to go. Is there a better, faster way?

Thank you.

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Ensure that in the SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > PORT CONFIG menu, OUT PORT FUNC is set to “MIDI”.

Internally on the AF? Parameter-lock the Delay Send (DEL) in the AMP page of the synth track.

You can sequence the effects parameters themselves on the FX track.

A kit number is saved with the pattern, so that when you load the pattern it calls up the kit. The pattern itself includes arp settings and (as of the latest OS update) the pattern tempo.

MIDI settings are saved in one of four Global settings slots.

You will discover this for yourself as you learn which settings are stored where. Some pre-planning is essential.

Thanks – that was very helpful. I took it to practice last night and through the PA immediately heard the lack of bass compared with my Atlantis on the same settings. I can program around it but am slightly disappointed…