A4 Won't Calibrate


One voice was sounding funny like the filter envelope was stuck open so I let it warm up all day and then ran calibrate. Calibration fails with ‘error 21’ on a filter or something to that effect. Any tips for me?


I had oscilators stuck on F. I tried everything. The only solution I know to these glitches is starting a new project.


Open a ticket, they usually respond fast and help to get the problem sorted…


I had some weird calibration problem recently, sounded similar but I got some strange error.
Put in a ticket, got a response pretty quick, sent in my A4 and they fixed.




Hey there, just wondering if you had any success with this particular issue, because I seem to have the same problem with my a4.



I did not send it in for repairs.
I’m not using it as much right now so when I do I use three channels. Part of the calculation re repairs is that I’ve really got my money’s worth out of this synth and it might make as much sense to pick up a used one in good condition or if I decide to dig back in really deep on the A4, the MK2.
If it was a simple matter of replacing an op amp or something I would do that if someone pointed to the part to replace.