A4 to control VST?

Hey there,

noob question, is there a way to use the A4 mk1 sequencer / CC to mangle a VST ?


With the newest firmware the tracks sequencer output midi so you can sequence synth plugins.
IIRC the encoders can output midi cc (I‘m using the midi mode on my AK for controlling external gear, but IIRC you can enable cc output in the menu), them you can use the plugins midi learn function or the DAWs midi mapping to map A4s encoders to parameters of a plugin.

*Edit it‘s in the menu under Midi Port Config. Set ‚Param Output’ to ‚CC’ and make sure ‚Output To‘ is configured properly.
If you use midi over usb set output to usb, if you use the midi din port set to ‚midi‘. Or enable both if you need them.

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