A4 + TM-2 Techno

Short preview of something I am working on.
Elektron Analog Four with Roland TM-2 .wav trigger module.
A4 triggers TM-2 via quad CV. TM-2 audio goes back into A4’s FX track + voice track for filter/env/lfo.
Feedback OSC, FM (pad), and trig conditions in full effect.

The a4 really is the analog monomachine. Only catch is they let you decide what you want voices five and six to be.

Yes, there are certainly some commonalities.

While I loved the timbre of the Monomachine I sold it because of its sequencing limitations vs A4’s sequencer (micro timing and polyrhythms, at the time, but now trig conditions as well).

Without A4, I certainly would have kept it.
A4 is all grown up and I’m hopelessly in love with it.

You’re right Adam. Plus A4 effects are really nice :slight_smile:

Still, the Mono has charms the others don’t have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I really like the SID ARP, the instant switch between poly/mono, the retrigs on the BBOX, the different delays between tracks…

Both machines are deep.
A4 is more convenient.

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Is this kick from A4 ?

yes the A4 is known for its awesome kicks. Better than what AR can produce, although the overdrive on the AR combined with its compressor does the job as well.

Yes i already read that info but i cant do perfect rumble, idk what im missing . It im doing perfect rumble (muddy sub ) movement then im losing punch and click ( high end transient ) so im confused :neutral_face:

Heavy machinery right there.