A4: Sync B?

Currently I’m sending CV to a VOS and using the A4’s MIDI Sync ports to synchronize Moog’s Cluster Flux and Analog Delay but only Sync A is sending clock data. Now I have set the Out Port Function to MIDI and Thru Port Function to MIDI but Sync B will not send clock information. How do I set Sync B to send clock information?

I think sync b is for din sync.

Hey Dr. As a Thru Port the manual says ‘MIDI, DIN 24 and 48’ but this is a Thru port, meaning it requires a master device. The implication labeling Sync A and Sync B on the Analog Four is that you can sync two synchronizable devices when not being slaved. Thoughts?

I was also wondering if there was a way to send clock to both the outputs on my A4? seems if i generate the clock internal all i get is clock out on sync A and if I slave to external clock I only get clock out of Sync B, am I correct? Would really like to be able to send clock out of both ports at once :slight_smile:

what everyone above says makes sense, however, it’s probably best to think of the additional functionality of the Sync ports as an either or with the Midi label above it - if you want to push MIDI out (you loose SyncA potential) and you can Either have MIDI In echoed at Thru or have Sync24/48, this port cannot be configured for A4 MIDI Out, that’d have to be an extra option, it’s implicitly a Thru - but it strikes me that Elektron could change that (your workaround is a separate MIDI Thru box to repeat the clock) … @cyanwave > I can get the A4 to receive clock AND send clock (check both boxes), so you can be synced to an External clock and pass the clock to both MIDI Out and MIDI Thru (assuming both ports set to MIDI use)!

Just want to make sure I understand this because I’m thinking of getting an Octatrack. I would like to set Octatrack as master, A4 as slave, and then send DIN SYNC out from A4. Will that work?
Do I have to do that out of Sync Port B (because it’s sync’d to external clock)? If so, what (if anything) could I use the MIDI Out (Sync Port A) for?
Thanks a lot!

I have a TT-303 synced with my A4 via midi clock coming from port a.
Can i use port b to din sync an 808 simultaneously?

I have my Volca Keys on Midi Thru/Sync B on Midichannel 7 and I want to synchronise the Volca via MidiClock and play Notes on the Volva from Ableton Live/Masterkeyboard. It seems not possible?!

Hello All - I’m considering snagging this cable ( https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/modular-whip-breakout-cable.html ) to use the Din Sync capabilities with my Analog Four and Modular setup but I have never used Din Sync so I thought I’d better seek some advice from more experienced users.

My questions are:

  • Is this the right cable?

  • Can I continue to use the Midi Out port to sync my MD and MNM while simultaneously using the Midi Thru port to send out clock/reset via dyn sync?

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Looks right to me - i made one recently for testing, very easy
there are other threads on this, plus you’ll need a clock divider
see also darenager’s thread on his din sync clock divider box
yes - either Out or Thru can transform to a DInSync (or both)

Thanks much Avantronica!

I am admittedly a bit over my head in all this but having a blast with the A4 and modular.

Just to clarify… I can simultaneously send midi clock out to my other elektron boxes via Midi Out AND send out Dyn Sync through the other midi port (Midi Thru)?


Yes, two Outs of different format simultaneously
here’s link i mentioned

Excellent - thanks again for your help. Looks like I have some reading todo!