A4 saving workflow

hello I’m impressed with my A4 but always when I begin to experiment or jam I mess the kits im using, whats is the best way to avoid that. whats your workflow

If you do not save over an existing kit no+kit would recall the saved one. You can experiment forever if you do not write over your kit.

Save project every 10 sessions or so.

Make copy of your kits, and save kits with new names.

Paterns however, are messed forever when you alter trigs.

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You can save/reload patterns with Yes/No+Pattern.
Messy…Mais non ! :wink:


Ah right…I do not mess with my patterns ! :slight_smile: I forgot there was a pattern menu…:stuck_out_tongue:

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You can also mess with a track ! save / reload.
It can be usefull if you want to reload a pattern and keep that track.

Can you reload the mess when you mess the mess ? yes+page courtesy of 1.40 !

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Indeed, this is handy, however worth remembering, if you are using a chain, or just change patterns normally, the moment you do so you lose the ability to return back to that original ‘saved’ state, the new saved state is the ‘exit pattern’ state


I’ve also wanted to ask about saving workflow, mainly performance wise.

I have patches loaded onto T1 T2 T3 and T4. If I make a change within filter under T2 and I want to save it, do I need to save KIT/SND or TRK? Same wise, if I add some trigs on the step sequencer, does saving kit will also save pattern or do I need to hit Yes + PTN?

And at least, if I make changes in kits/pattern/filters etc. can I just save whole project and everything will be saved without worrying to save seperately kit, trk, ptn, song etc?


Can some please clarify for me what the ‘SAVE TRACK’ and ‘RELOAD TRACK’ function does?
(yes + track, no + track)
It doesn’t seem to have any effect on the track.

If i want to RELOAD THE TRACK i need to use the ‘RELOAD KIT’ function.

Sounds are not part of the track. The track is sequence data.

Saving the project won’t save edited kits, there are quite a few topics covering the finer points of this. Patterns are saved automatically when you change to another one. Kits can have temporary versions. The benefits of the required workflow require a bit of time understanding the structure. Experiment in a new project if necessary


Pattern autosave ( and not being able to disable it) autodestroys my joy of using my favourite sequencer and synth while jumping around patterns without worries and my wish to use it and buy anther one (mk2 for the individual outs)