A4 - Repeats or retrigger


They changed the game for sure.


Condionnals for retrig ?


Yeah, this demo is a good example. Thanks a lot. I will read through the thread tomorrow!
This would also be good example… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLCVYQzEy5E&t=62s
The Varigate (4 and 8) combine Step probability and repeats. I have no space in my case left :slight_smile: also no drum modules. I can achieve beats in this style in ableton and the Octatrack, but most of the time, I’m modulating sample selections…
Using samples feels a bit like cheating, it would be great to use my own synth drum sounds. And the A4 can do great drums I think. P-locking sound slots is great, and condtional trigs as well. But for me the repeats are missing.


As Void and Simon mentioned, for the exemple above, it works well with Exp or Saw Lfo1 on Osc 1 Lev, modifying Lfo1 Mul with Rdm Lfo2 and Hold.


I will try that stuff tomorrow and report :slight_smile: thanks for your help. Much appreciated


Sorry I didn’t realise you talked about lfos on Level too, that’s efficient indeed.
For kicks, filter may be better…


Do you by chance have an audio sample of this?


Sorry but it will be complicated, as I don’t sleep with A4 + OT yet. It may happen if my wife leave me because of them.




Yeah, seems the best way would be to use trig conditions.
I would use “Fill”
Then when you press Page, the note will repeat that you put into the sequencer set to Fill.

oh wait I just understood your original post.


My wife was busy, I succeeded to record secretly a one bar loop with lfos tricks and conditional trigs. :content:
Default kit modified from scratch. A4 directly recorded in OT with its compressor. No live remix, just play and record. Not sure it’s IDM or something but if you are interested in settings…


Great drums :slight_smile: Sure. I’m interested in the lfo tricks


Damn ! Easier for me if you didn’t like it. :grin:
Everything is above ! I check my settings in maybe half an hour…


No hurry!!!


Lfo1 settings for :
Kick = 32 x 64, Trig, Exp, Pitch, F1 freq
Snare and “Hihat” = 32 x 128, Trig, Saw, Amp Vol, F2 freq

For all Lfo1s, I modulate their Multiply with Rdm Lfo2, Hold, Depth between 1 - 3.

With Rdm Lfo2, I also modulate EnvF Dec for kick, Noise S&H for snare and Hihat.

Of course you can plock all setting…

Digitone (DN+DT) only music

thanks man!


Thanks - those re-triggers sound really great! I have to try this out myself asap


Thanks too. I wouldn’t have done this without this thread and the other one. I made a smoother kit and another record.
The first one seems very harsh in comparison.
The problem is that you become lazy after : 2 bars seems much too long now ! :grin:


Hi. Another test, only drums, no FX, one bar loop, play rec, compressor.


sounds great again. I did try it yesterday with your settings, but I couldn’t manage it to sound like I want it to. Have to spend more time with it.