A4+Overbridge+External signal processing

Hi there!

I’ve figured out how to get audio and MIDI into my DAW via Overbridge.

How do I take advantage of using the A4’s filters and FX to process external audio?

I believe that will come with version 1.0.

OK. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or something.

On the audio/plugin track you wish to process, set the output to the Analog Four track you wish to process it with (remember to enable that output in the Overbridge control panel).

Then that audio stream will go into the filter of that track, parallel with the oscillators.

Listen/record it back into the DAW by setting up an audio track that inputs from the chosen Analog Four track (again, enable).

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Thank you.

With some compression or amplification it makes plugins and loops sound incredible with that analog touch.

Would anybody mind being a bit more explicit about setting this up in Ableton?

I’ve got an audio track in Ableton sending to track 4 so I can use 1 - 3 still as synth channels (input and output enabled in the overbridge controller) and the oscillators turned down, oscillator 1 set to the input. I have audio output and input in ableton set to the A4 and I can get audio but I’m not sure how to leave the channel ‘open’?

Usually when I’m just using the A4 on its own I can just trigger a single note in a pattern and then turn it off and the channel will stay ‘open’ and letting external audio through but for some reason when using Ableton it only seems to let audio through if I have a MIDI note actually playing, and it’s spotty at best even then.

As well, when using the A4 as my ‘output’ soundcard is there any way to keep the master in Ableton outputting to my interface rather than to the analog 4’s external output? It seems like I would have to somehow be able to use 2 audiocards for output in Ableton.

Apologies for all of the questions, this ‘out of the box / in the box’ working together stuff is pretty new to me.