A4 OS 1.4 sequencer MIDI out latency

I’ve just upgraded to OS 1.4 and I’m trying to use the CV sequencer track on my Analog Four to control a Modal Skulpt. It’s playing the correct notes on the Skulpt but the sequence is about a 1/32 behind the other sequencer tracks on the A4. The A4 is connected to my Windows 7 PC via USB/Overbridge and the Skulpt is connected to the A4 via MIDI. I can nudge the Skulpt sequence into line via the note page timing offset but was wondering if there was a better way of getting it lined up. Any advice? Ta.

I really doubt this has anything to do with the A4 - sounds more likely to do with what you are doing outside that

If you sequence a midi instrument you know to work normally and pull those outputs into the inputs of the A4 you’ll see there is no noticeable latency - or you should, that’s my experience

Whatever you have going on outside the A4 is what you should look into, especially if you are monitoring via OB etc - if so, this post ought to be in the OB section where there are countless discussions on the art(or buzzkill) of timing multiple hardware arriving into the computer via different routes

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll try routing the Skulpt’s audio thru the A4’s audio in rather than directly into the soundcard, see if that makes a difference.

I experience the same thing and I use my A4 mkII to sequence my nordlead rack.
I know for sure that when I used to use the CV outs to control my moog mother 32 I could hear it behind, and I know also for sure that my NL sequenced by DT, DN, or pyramid sequencer works as expected…

Well, this is a trace of the overlay of three very short signals from the A4

One part is A pinged Filter onboard with a snappy env
The next part is a value Lin CV signal fed back in with a snappy env
The final part is a midi controlled Blofelf, and yes, with a snappy env

All three of these similar volume sounds are heard concurrently and are overlayed and indistinguishable in this one trace of three successive hits taken via OB

There is no meaningful latency on board, for sure, at least when you know that what you are comparing actually makes sense !

This is not an A4 limitation, the issue is elsewhere


So I plugged the audio from the Skulpt into the Ext In on the A4 and the latency has gone so looks like an issue somewhere between my laptop, Scarlett 2i2 audio interface and Live. I’m currently building a new DAW so will try the same setup once that’s complete but am happy for now running it thru the A4. Thanks for your help guys.


thank you for the info
I will have to investigate some more :slight_smile:

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