A4 mkii Sticking keys

Just got a brand new, sealed A4 mkii last week. All good apart from a few keys that stick a little - basically you press them and it takes a short time (1/4. 1/8 second) to pop back up not long, but quite annoying … any tips for making them snappy? Apart from sitting there pressing them to free them up? WD40 :slight_smile:

No don’t go there, the best user intervention would be to extract the button cap and gently smooth the offending edge or edges with a very very fine sand paper, an imperceptible amount of buffing would make all the difference and not affect it cosmetically - reading the reports from other people with this on various newer devices it seems they prefer to just press through this and in a few days of use it’ll free itself up

If it was me I’d ask support how to do it though, some folk use a guitar pick or similar to gently free the button cap, tbh, even light friction from rubbing the cap across your trouser leg would make the difference, a flat surface would be best.

If you sent it off somewhere it’s hard to imagine that anything different would happen in practice unless e.g. all buttons were offset - from your perspective getting the button cap off without marking the chassis or damaging the switch are the only things to be careful about, thus asking support first for the recommended technique

ps there’s a few threads on this wrt different devices, any feedback there would apply


Thanks Avantronica - I was joking about WD40 of course! :slight_smile: But you answered the question, I wasn’t sure if the buttons popped off easily. I can see how I could fix a few doing that and I have some very fine sandpapers used for instrument making at hand too, but as you say probably even some rough fabric might do the trick! cheers

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Please ask elektron support. I had the same issue and they were very helpful, even including a guide with images. My solution was very gently levering the switch away from the offending side with a screwdriver.


Just received mine today and the G on the mini keyboard was sticking but seems to be fine now.

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Oddly bought a new Mk2 Analog 4 a few weeks ago and had 4 or 5 sticky keys, so thought it must be a general problem and that it would go away. But no, I must be unlucky … here are a few today still sticking after I got it early dec … https://garyphayes.photography/wp-content/video/VID_20200129_080111.mp4