A4 mk2 won't connect to Transfer app


Hi - I’m no stranger to Elektron kit, but I’ve just bought an A4mk2 and it won’t connect to Transfer, not sure why…?

My ARmk2 connects just fine…

I have the MIDI set to USB-MIDI only on the A4, so it’s not an Overbridge mode thing. I thought it may be an issue with the default OS1.35, so I used C6 to update to the OS1.36 beta 2 - but still having the same problem. C6 works fine and Transfer is detecting the A4 on the device list, but it won’t connect - it just times out and eventually shows the message ‘The device you’re trying to connect with doesn’t support Transfer’

I’ve restarted the A4 and my Mac, also swapped USB cables, but no change.

I used to have an AK, but never had an issue with that.

Hopefully some has had this issue and knows of a simple fix :slight_smile:



There is no fix.

The transfer app is for devices which uses samples like the Digitakt or the Rytm. It is not meant to be used with the A4 (it is also not listed on the Elektron support page of the A4).

From the support page of the Transfer App:

Elektron Transfer tool for transferring samples and firmware updates to Digitakt, Analog Rytm MKI/MKII, and Model:Samples.

PS: Have you really used transfer with AK?


Ahh, yes you are correct! I used AK with Overbridge when it was the first version, I was getting confused… :man_shrugging:

I just had it in my head that I send sysex for AR via Transfer, so was assuming the same for A4.

Thank you for your response kind sir :slight_smile: