A4 mk2 : the right choice?

I’m a chill/synthwave ‘‘producer’’- are a lot days that i see a much videos on a4mk2 …but I don’t know , can be a nice choice ? I wolud like to add a4 at my setup ( dsi rev2 16, moog lp)

Get a second hand one if you’re unsure… This way you don’t take much risk.

Several advices:

  • read the manual. Do it now already, before you get it, so that you have an idea what it can do.
  • embrace Elektron workflow instead of trying to bandit to things it can’t do.
  • although it’s a four voices poly synth, you can also see A4 as 4 mono synths packed in the same box.
  • try to find info here on Elektronauts by using the search function and make up you mind…



Or slim the decision down to the Form factor. Rev2 and Moog LP are large compared with the A4. So If you need some mobile unit or If you have limited Studio space, A4 is the synth to go. Small and Compact versatile sonic Power weapon.

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“although it’s a four voices poly synth“

A4 is a poly synth? Have I been missing something?

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Yes. It is even a very versatile polysynth. The voices can be assigned freely and there is even a round robin mode where each voice can use a different (track) Sound. Similar to Korg MonoPoly, Vermona PerFourmer or Moog Matriarch.


Multi Map / Soundpool : up to 128 analog drums sounds can be played, sequenced.
4 different sounds per step is possible.

With Rotate? Never tried that! :content:

It wasn’t at release. Great update.


Try it! Pick a Sound and copy it to every track and do slightly changes to pitch, Filter and decay in each track, then have a nice Arpeggiator setting, activate round robin and use track Sound, add fx and hear the magic blossom unfold. Fantastic Synth!


Ask yourself what you want to achieve by adding an A4. You already got two fine analog synths, one mono and one poly. The sequencer of the A4 and its performance capability would be a plus to your setup. With the latest firmware, the A4 now also can sequence other gear via midi (cv was always possible).

Soundwise, I suggest you listen to the A4 yourself. In my opinion, it does not sound as “hi-fi” and “expensive” as the Rev2 does. Also, it does not have the beautiful sound of a Moog filter. It’s a very fine synth, yet some say it hasn’t the character other synth have (whatever that is exactly).

Honestly - given the latest update, an A4/A42 is a very solid choice now (dare I say “must have”) for anyone making electronic music.

a4 is a ludicrously deep analog synth/workstation and the new update makes it one of the best and most singular analog closed systems on the market imo and this isn’t even talking about the sequencer/elektron workflow

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thanks for all replies …have bought a second hand device

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