A4 MK2: Stuck on Start-up

Hi all! New to the Elektron and Analog Four MK2 game. :sparkles:

I’ve been experiencing an issue on a brand new A4 MK2 where frequently I am unable to get past the logo / version screen when attempting to power on the device.

Unplugging the device, turning the power switch on/off, and then plugging the device in again and flipping power switch to on is the most frequent way for me to move past the issue. I reinstalled the 1.50 firmware using Elektron Transfer, yet the issue persists. There does not yet (at this point) seem to be a clear pattern.

Is this a common issue? Any advice for moving forward?

Thanks!! :pray:

Seems to happen with new firmware version (1.50). Avoid rapid on-off. I leave for a minute before powering on again and that works. Elektron are aware.


Thanks for the prompt response! Will slow things down for next start-up.

There are already quite a few posts in the A4/1.50 bugs report thread reporting this issue.

With previous OS versions this only happened when you power-cycled the device too fast, but with 1.50 it seems it got worse.

Elektron is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.


discussed elsewhere extensively - try the search or look at the bugs threads