A4 MK2 Sounds List


Hello everyone!

I ordered an Analog4 MK2 today, and am hoping to understand a couple of things:

  1. How many preset sounds come with the A4 from Elektron?

  2. Is over bridge available for the MK2 version of this machine?

  3. If I were to connect this to my Digitone (Master) through midi in, how can I set this device’s midi channel to receive sequence start, stop, tempo, and even Mute it from my Digitone’s Midi Mutes?

Thanks in advance!


About 1: Not that much, but they get you going. Additionally you can download some free sound packs for the A4MK2 from https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/ (at least a few of them are free) and when you search this forum here you will find other free resources.

About 2: Overbridge 2 public BETA supports the A4MK2.

See: https://www.elektronauts.com/c/beta/public-beta

About 3: That’s all explained in detail in the manual.


Yes. Do note from the link provided above that you will also have to update your Analog Four’s firmware to a public beta version in order to use Overbridge. Think carefully about the risks involved in installing a beta version before doing so.

The applicable settings are in the MIDI CONFIG area of the Global settings menu. The channel numbers are irrelevant here because these MIDI messages are not sent on particular channels. Do read the manual carefully to understand the capabilities of the machine. You will need to do the following:

In the PORT CONFIG sub-menu, set INPUT FROM to “MIDI”.
In the SYNC sub-menu, activate CLOCK RECEIVE and TRANSPORT RECEIVE.

This is a bit more nuanced. Muting the tracks in the Digitone’s Mute Mode will stop sending MIDI messages to the AF Mk2, but that will not actually mute the AF’s sounds. Instead, you would have to send CC 7 (volume) messages from the DN’s MIDI sequencer tracks to the AF on the MIDI channel numbers that the AF’s tracks are set to in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS menu. I suspect it’s easier to manually mute the AF’s tracks using [FUNC] + the TRACK keys.


Thank you so much Peter!

I’m running my digitone to my digitakt, A4, Deepmind12, and some Roland boards, but muting the machines entirely would be really cool to do so from a single midi mute. :smiley:

Appreciate you sir!


The DN’s Mute should be able to directly mute the DT’s tracks, but you need to check the MIDI implementations of the other units to see how best to control them from the DN.


Awesome response and truly helpful, Peter.