A4 mk2 | sending cc messages

hi there, now that midi out is supported for all four tracks of the a4 (os 1.40) i wonder if it is possible to send cc messages…?

Nope, notes only by sequencer

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Cheating, but I can send CCs via with a midi processor, mapping Notes to CCs, Velocity to CC value. Works for AR or any other gear.

CC send should be possible to implement in A4 / AR! A checked option with CC instead of notes for example.

They’ll never do that, just saying, it’s too clumsy/arbitrary

thanks for the quick answers, guys. to be more clear, just like on the digitakts midi tracks i want to send constant/static cc messages by using a knob. no need to param-lock that value dynamically on a track. but if it only works that way…

Some parameters output CC when changed, but this is also impractical - the device transmits NRPN (by default irrc), but CC can also be selected for greater compatibility at the expense of resolution and completeness (fewer params enabled ) - but you have fixed assignments - it’s best to see what you have in front of you and make the best of that and fill the gaps with other gear if needed
The A4 and AR won’t ever be half the MIDI sequencers to compete with their other offerings - I don’t see them making convoluted workarounds to make functionality happen, the core of the newer Elektrons is a focus on workflow and immediacy and detracting from that (by offering everything but the kitchen sink, OT style) is a thing of the past - getting the right degree of depth and immediacy takes compromises, offering a half-baked MIDI feature set is more a result of pressure, but it reflects that it would always be a bit half baked as the machines aren’t set to be fully fledged MIDI sequencers- Even the current implementation is clunky and it detracts from the otherwise smooth experience, some of that can be fixed, but it won’t be on their radar to make any CC sequencing happen imho - and that has zero to do with other devices offering this already, it just doesn’t slot in naturally

Does it mean its not possible to use it as a MIDI Keyboard?
I tried to set it up but i just could manage to send recorded sequences :frowning:

You can …

You can enable/disable external Note send by setting the Port to int/ext/int+ext

The other setting you need to be mindful of is specifically Output Ch - also in the Midi settings (not channel assignment page)

If that is set to transmit on Auto channel it means noodling on an A4 keyboard will come through on the MIDI Auto Channel - for the purposes of sequencing you should set this setting to Track Channel (not the default which is Auto Chan)

So you can play live and hear sequences via the track channel

What you can’t do is use an external MIDI keyboard on the Auto Channel, that will currently not replicate what the mini keys do, it will not send MIDI out at time of playing, only on seq playback

Thanks i got it now!

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