A4 MK2 mounting on desk clamp/laptop arm?

Evenin’ all.

My A4 mk2 is presently in Sweden at chez Elektron having it’s skipping page button fixed, and whilst it’s on holiday I decided to have a move around to try and make space for it at my desk instead of above my D-50 so that I can get hands on with it more. I decided to get a laptop arm / desk clamp thing for it; my question is, can one of you have a look on the underside of your A4 mk2 for me? I know there’s no VESA fixings, but is there any means to attach it to the laptop tray, or is heavy duty velcro my only option? - I’ve never thought to look!

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Cant speak for the A4 but doesn’t the AR II share the same case? If so my AR II has pretty much a smooth base save for the 4 rubber feet, one at each corner. Hope this helps?

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Ah, that’s sort of what I was hoping; are they the rubber feet that have a screw through the bottom?


Ah tits. Velcro it is then.

This may not be useful for you but the AF MkII and AR MkII can be mounted in a 19" rack - maybe there’s a way to secure a 19" to your laptop tray?

aye, I briefly looked into that - issue is that the costs start to add up beyond where you’d want them to be, and whilst there are VESA to rack mount fittings out there, they tend to be massive and bulky which sort of defeats the point.

It should be fine on there, I just want to secure against clumsiness :smiley:

  • Heavy duty Velcro will do the job.

Longer screws maybe?

They look quite specific in the picture - allen key Bolts?

Mmm mmm
Why not think of mounting a simple L shape bracket to the front of the laptop platform to stop the A4 sliding off. Velcro is nasty especially on synths that heat up. It might be better to alter the stand rather than the expensive synth…?

Maybe just bolt or screw a 10cm slither of 90 degree angle, 15mm wide aluminium to the stand, the A4 won’t go anywhere.

I have mine sitting on IKEA plastic laptop holder that have them moulded on the front and they never fall no matter how much vibration or pad bashing I do.

If you change them with same diameter/thread, they can be any kind.

But do keep in mind if you accidentally screw too deep into the chassis you could easily destroy a pcb/component if it was in the way !

Wow, you’d be pissed at that! That was my concern though.

It makes me giggle to think that my post is used as a warning for others. I recall that day very well. When I destroyed not just one but TWO monomachines in one fell swoop. Thankfully it wasn’t an expensive fix (maybe $300 total? and the tech fixed some other issues).

Fun times.

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My A4 just got back from Castle-Elektron this morning. The rubber feet make it pretty stable actually - I think it won’t need anything.