A4 mk 1 vs Typhon

I’ve been kind of gassing for the Typhon, but then I started thinking…does it really do anything the A4 doesn’t? I mean the effects section DOES seem really, really cool. But judging by youtube-videos they sound somewhat similar on a core level… Save me som money and agree with me?

Don’t have a Typhon but I have an A4 mki and a Dreadbox Nyx mki. Not trying to add fuel to the fire here but it’s no BS that Dreadbox has a sound. A very, very lush analog sound. While I know these things are subjective I agree with Sonicstate’s Nick Batt when he described Dreadbox synths as sounding “right” and having “mojo.” Again, subjective assessment here but when I first fired up my Nyx I was like “oh, that’s what I always thought analog is supposed to sound like.”

Typhon demos sound incredible and the unit represents a sweet value to cost ratio. I vote keep the A4 and add the Typhon…


Damnit! :wink:

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I’m certainly planning on keeping both.


having both a4 mk1 and a typhon, my not very experienced opinion is that they’re very different. typhon is very immediate, playable as an instrument if you want, but also very capable as a mono synth. it’s great for basses, mono leads, even pads (which i didn’t expect). the a4 is very deep, offers some polyphony if you need it, is a more capable sequencer and all around box that can function as a central piece of your setup. they may be able to accomplish similar sounds, but they feel like very different beasts.


Typhon sounds a lot better…

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