A4 : Internal Keyboard > External Instrument


I know it could be sound a bit strange but is there a way to use the internal keyboard of the A4 to play external instrument ? I tried but didn’t work.
I guess not as it was mean to do so but I was wondering and didn’t find a topic about it (sorry if there is one)

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I don’t think so, A4 has only sequencer midi out, it does not have a dedicated midi track.

I think you can only sequence the midi out via the trigs and only via note on off and velocity.

Yes - set the Keyboard Destination to [ int + ext ] it’ll be set as int by default, it can also be set as just ext


Ah good to know

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Oh :cold_face: sorry looks like I didn’t see that even after reading the manual.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I’ve just tried and it doesn’t work.
Keyboard set to int + ext on CH1, the external synth is also set to CH1 but nothing happen BUT the sequencer line works. Any of you can test it ? :slight_smile:
Will post that on the bug to see if there is something to do.

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is there any setting on the external synth that should maybe be set to receive notes from the A4?

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Got a reply from Elektron :

" Make sure to set OUTPUT CH to TRK CH in global settings > MIDI config > Port config. Otherwise, the miniKB will send on the auto channel. Set the track channels of choice in global settings > MIDI config > Channels "



OUTPUT CH selects whether the mini-keyboard and the knobs will send data on the AUTO CHANNEL or the MIDI channel of the selected track.

I was pasting this… :wink:

It explains why your sequence was sending midi to your synth, and not the keyboard, being on AUTO CHANNEL.

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I want to use cv-track to send midi out to external synth. Proplem is that when i play minikeys it triggers the external synth through every track. So example, i cant play track one with minikeys without triggering the external synth. Is there a way deal with this?

@Taimi It sounds like you have the AUTO CHANNEL and your CV OUT set to the same channel.

Try setting the CV or AUTO to another channel, and it won’t play on the other 4 tracks.

I tried different settings but it doesnt work. Cv-track is sequencing correctly that external synth but minikeys activates the synth no matter what track i’m playing the keys in. :confused:

Maybe the proplem is that external synth. I use dreadbox Nyx v1 and it doesnt have a specific midi channel. So i cant choose a right channel in A4 midi settings. Hmm…

check on the midi config page for Output Ch (make it Track Ch) - and - Keyboard Destination (try disabling Ext to see if the new midi pass through for live midi sequencing permits track specific output) - see if your external device is only configurable as omni - try a different bit of external gear to nail the setup - then try again


Thanks. (: Now it’s working…! It was that OMNI thing. I opened the Nyx synth and changed the midi channel to 7.