A4 Frozen on OS upgrade reboot!

Hi, I just did the upgrade via the c6 software and using the Global menu.
It seemed to update fine - but now it is frozen for ca 20 mins on the sreen that reads “Success! Rebooting”

The manual warns not to turn off while updating and says something about some vital system upgrades being done at the reboot stage.

Now I don’t dare to turn it off and on to see if it works… just in case! living in cape town it must go a long way for repairs if it doesn’t…

Anyone who can reassure me out there?

Reboot, and reset - you’ll be fine. I’ve never heard of anyone bricking one yet.

Mine froze too, after a few minutes I just switched off and on and all was OK.

This seems to be common. Happened to me. After a few minutes I started mashing buttons and it worked. I didn’t reboot, but others have and all seems ok.

Dataline even told someone with the same issue to reboot it on the IRC.

You’ll be okay :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was me. Did it and my machine has been very kind to me ever since. Just restart it and enjoy the update. :slight_smile:

The same thing happen to now trying to update to version 1.40 for A4 mark 1. Rebooted after the success message was displayed. Manually putting it off and on after waiting 10 mins worked perfectly and shows it’s using the new 1.40 firmware.

Agree with the long way back to Sweden for support from South Africa.
[Pretoria, South Africa]

Hi. Welcome. Did it take 6 years? :smile:
I’ve been not so far from South Africa , in Reunion French island. A bit far from Sweden indeed!