A4 Folder structure for live set

yentz hello, I have a question, have you figured out folder structure in A4? I need to perform, live and create a Set of let’s say 11 songs(live songs). I am having a hard time understanding how to create this. Question/ Shpould I create a PROJECT FIRST? Then Inside the project should I save songs? and inside the songs I should save the patterns with their associated kits? IS THIS CORRECT? How do I do this? How to reorganize my pattern/kit seuqences ideas into one project ?

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A Project is where all your work takes place. You might want to save a current Project as a new Project, or simply make a new empty Project.

Everything is inside a Project.

Patterns are not inside Songs. Songs are simply lists of pattern numbers.

First save your patterns and their associated kits. Then make a Song by listing the pattern numbers in the order you want.

You can copy and paste from one Project to another, or you can send the data to a computer and then re-load it into the other Project.

This probably is a topic unto itself…

I’m wondering how people accomplish this too.

I currently have 1 project for me to mess around in, and 1 that contains songs for my band. However, my band has more than 16 songs. Sure, I can just add more projects to get more sets of 16 songs, but what happens when we have a set list that contains songs from multiple projects?

Is there an easy way to copy entire songs, with their associated patterns and kits, to another project?

If so, I could just create a new project and populate it with the songs I need when we’re writing the set list.

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You could copy/paste from several projects into a new one or export your stuff via Sysex dump (A4 can export kits, sounds and patterns) and then send what you want into a new project.

In the global menu you find Send Sysex and Receive Sysex.
IIRC you can send all kits, sounds and patterns as well as individual kits, sounds and patterns.

Then send your selection to the A4 into a new project.

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If I copy and paste a song, do the patterns and kits come with it, or is it just the song skeleton with the pattern numbers?

Is the sysex dump an all-or-none thing? Can is there an editor where I could assemble it on a computer?

Would overbridge make this easier? (I’ve never used it)

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