A4 firmware

So bought a new a4 came with 4b now so updated to 4a what the new firmaware??? Did i down grade?

4a? 4b?

The latest available firmware is 1.40a, but there are reports of new units shipping with 1.40b which is not available to download. If you replaced 1.40b with 1.40a then yes, you might have downgraded. But nobody outside Elektron knows what’s different between 1.40a and 1.40b.


Oh bummer. 1.40B supposedly doubled the number of voices from 4 to 8. It also allowed the use of user samples to act as new wavetones, and also provided you with 4 different machines to use instead of the original A4’s.


AFAIK the B versions are Elektron internal versions which are functional identical to the A versions (but not freely available to download).

I guess they contain additional functionalities to help during manufacturing and QA testing, but nothing which is documented or accessible to end users.




Seems right. wish i.can get overbridge to work…i only updated because i thought it would work. And shit nothing!

god, i wish


Legend has it, one of the secret machines turns the A4 into …



Suck, suck, suck!

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That’s not always the case for B versions according to the release notes e.g.

List of changes from OS 1.35A to 1.35B

Bug fixes

[MKI] Exception error at boot (v1.35A regression).

Copying sounds between +drive and sound pool would overwrite already occupied slots (1.35A regression).


The point is that it is currently the case for these B versions, not a general statement about any released firmware update with the “B” suffix.

Ah, that’s the point I missed, thanks. I guess I was confused by the plural, since it’s only the case for a single B version, isn’t it? The A4 1.40B version.

Octatrack had 1.25D, and 1.30D

Octatrack OS Version 1.30D pre-installed


I assumed that the plural form was used because there is also a public sighting of a firmware version 1.50B for Analog Rytm:

whereas only 1.50A is available from Elektron’s website.

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Thanks all, I hadn’t seen those other threads. All clear now.