A4 Feature Requests


Great idea!


Portamento on the arp… I’d convinced myself that it must be possible and that i’m missing something obvious as I’m new to the machine, but it doesnt seem to be?


What about its legato?

10.6.4 LEG Controls the legato of the arpeggiator. This setting will affect the note trigs of the track even if the MOD setting is set to OFF.


But the Arp doesn’t actually write the notes of the Arp pattern to the sequencer, so all this does is glide from one of the chords input to trigger the Arp to the next. I.e, it doesn’t work.

Like I say, unless I’m doing something very wrong. I don’t think I am though.


I don’t understand. Did you check increasing Note LEN and Arp LEN?




Can’t think of a clearer way of explaining unfortunately- what it does is attempt to legato between each chord you input to trigger the Arp. So let’s say I input a 4 note chord on trig 1, page 1 and set the length of the trig to infinite so that the arpeggiation runs until the next input chord. You will now hear the arp cycling through all the individual notes within the Arp, but in real terms, you’ve only got 1 trig input on the sequencer. You then put a new 4 note chord on trig 1, page 2 and set to infinite length. Instead of there being legato between every audible note generated by the arpeggiator, what it actually tries to do is legato between trig 1 page 1, and trig 1 page 2. You just get a weird bent attack on the chord, then a dull arpeggio.


I just tried, maybe that’s what you mean and I don’t understand (I’m french) :
Default kit / pattern

The first note (on the trig) is not legato, that’s it?
It works it you add Note Slides trigs, but it doesn’t seem obvious / logical…


This doesn’t behave as above on mine. I’m wondering if it’s because to input the notes, I placed a trig, then held it down and played a chord on external midi controller? If I set up as described in your example and manually select 4 notes on the Arp setup page, I do get a traditional legato.


I tried with A4 keyboard (MKI), it behaved the same. Sorry I can’t help, anyway thank you, I could explore more things with arp.


I want this too.

Plus more Digitone Features Like the graphical representation of e.g. Drive, Reverb etc


I think I’d like an option to do away with the graphics and just have numbers for all the knob values. I’ve wished this numerous times when I have no idea what I’m seeing until I turn an encoder.


It would be nice for it to be that way, but with the option of loading saved kits


You can hold the OSC1, OS2, Filter, AMP, ENV, FX Button to see the numerical values.
At least that works on the AK, would be surprised if it wasn’t in the A4.


Thanks - very useful!


:thup: yep - my suggestion :trumpet: during a beta - ended up using that across all the subsequent boxes too ! pressing the encoders was just too precarious before that


Very useful feature indeed! I discovered it only by chance, pressed the button for too long^^


Dunno if you’re still in touch with the beta team but there’s one bug that still bugs me about the A4/Keys and it relates to the CV track, specifically when you are routing an LFO to one of the CV outputs, it keeps being sent even when the CV track is muted. None of the other data is, just that, as far as I remember.


Those lines of communication seem long dead (you should still have access to those pages, may be worth seeing if you got a response there) - probably a thing for a support ticket though tbh

but that sounds like the case of having say an infinite decay on a sound - it’s not affected by sequencer mutes as it’s not directly a sequencer event - needs a double stop - not sure there’s a track specific way to do that - you may need a macro to dial back depths

this may not be viewed as a bug - but perhaps a feature request - I get your point, but I can think of other niggling bugs which have fallen by the wayside with a focus perhaps on sorting OB !


I was mostly trying to find a use for the CV track with my Minilogue xd but have since used something else. I did drop the beta list a line but got nothing back. I dearly hope the dudes will get OB out of their system and turn their full attention to the hardware synth side of things. I watched Access spend way too long messing with their version…