A4 Feature Requests


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A bypass switch for the filter, like on the Heat


Please include an ‘undo new aesthetics’ function on the MKII’s, ty.


And undo super size me !


… or even better : a dry/wet knob for both filters, like the Sherman.


Non-12tet tuning plz.


Bumped into not being able to P-lock legato mode on the Arp last night. That would be sweet :slight_smile:


A digital built in oscilloscope will be eye candy and useful as well… ask korg : )


Not sure its realistic, but the ability to load one track sound + pattern at a time would make it way easier to use the A4 as a truly multitimbral instrument. Right now if you want to transition one instrument out at a time you have to create a huge number of kits. Even this is not a great solution because if a performance wants to do any live altering of those kits, the changes are not held when switching to the next kit.

In the end I have a bone to pick with the use cases / architecture of the A4 (and other elektron machines). Its so close to being so flexible but falls slightly short.


On the performance macros, I think it would be pretty cool for one of the selections to be the other macros so you could alter 9 parameters from a single knob


Good idea, but that would be 9x5=45 parameters with a single knob. :wink:
With my Ep+ midi processor I can control the 10 macros with Ot’s crossfader, mapping CC48 to macros. :loopy:


Oooh! Nice!


Having an additional “Reload PERF on change” sequencer option instead of reloading the whole kit would add a lot more flexibility:

  • Perf being reloaded is quite useful to set an initial state for live performance
  • But using kit reloads, it’s easy (and quite frustrating) to lose a lots of work when editing back kits and forgetting to save them manually or turning off this option beforehand.

This would be such an happy compromise :cb:


The ability to open a menu DIRECTLY by pressing a button, even if a setup menu is open.

For now, you have to close the open setup menu, with FN. Boring and stupid behaviour.
It’s like I can’t open a door because the door of another room is opened. :fury:


That’s actually a good analogy!



Feature Request for the A4:


1. A variable to change the encoder-speed. I have to turn them way too much. It would be a great feature and i know a lot of people who would love this option. (This is for me the most important update and it would be relativlly easy to program)

2. Being able to use the “yes/no” buttons instead of clicking the knobs. (I’m really afraid that they will crack one day. One Knob is already wobbling)

3. Using the “CV-Track” to sequenz external Hardware via midi.

4. Poly chain option (i would buy a A4 Keys instantly if this was possible!)

5. A option for the arpeggiatior to play different rhythms like the Korg Electribe. Even better would be a option to create custom rhythms. (for example: Creating awesome trance-gate’s)

6. More Control Change/CC possibilities. (changing the current pattern or song and trackl. Accent depth etc.)

7. A Delay value for the LFO’s and the ENVelopes!

8. Option to loop envelops (Or new envelope types which repeat automatically!)

9. Performance macros for each track. Like “perf” mode but with the ability to switch between different settings.

10. FX: This probably will never happen but it would be just awesome to have some new effects. I know it’s not a “Virus” but one reason why Virus is still awesome after almost ten years now, is the fact that they added sooo much features and additional effects. (I know it’s relatively"easy" if the machine is digital and almost impossible if so much is analog).

11. A complete printed handbook!. There are a lot of things i found out only through coincidence, other users from this Forum, YouTube etc. Things that are not documented in the manual! If you consider how much we are willing to pay for elektron gear, it’s a shame that you don’t get a printed handbock. Also such a awesome machine like the A4 should have a more detailed manual, in order to use the full potential of the Analog four. A german translation would be nice.

12. Having the option to set the max pattern length to 8 (128 steps). The pattern 5-8 could be indicated by flashing the red LEDs above the page/scale Button. I know it Can be done by chaining but you can not rec. In live mode and looping 128steps is something that is needed all the time in some music genres.

13. Trigger condition with the Option to transpose a Track. Or a LFO / ENV mod destination “transpose”.

last but not least: More and better communication with your customers and retailer. I know some people who cancelled their preorder for MKII’s (OT,RYTM, A4) because they don’t know when it will be released.

If any of my request is already possible please give me a hint!

Anyway i love my Elektron gear and i really hope that some of those features will show up in the next update!


You can already do 5 with FUNC + ARP- you can get a printed manual by just paying to have someone print it.


Thanks a lot! I Totally forgot that




-It’s been said billions and billions of times (trump joke), but I’m really sad that the AK’s sequencer doesn’t have midi out. Best sequencer ever but can’t control my other synths :frowning: I almost sold my AK to buy something else for this reason.

-Tempo is only saved in projects … I’d like to have an option to save the tempo per kits. It’s the obvious thing to do so I still don’t understand why it’s per project. I’m pretty sure they fixed that in the digitakt

-Weak distortion. I would love to have juicier distortion. I think the MKII is better in that department so I’d like to compare.

-No pan spread. I love my DSI REV2 for this feature. You have a knob to increase pan spread and it allocates the different voices in the stereo field. Automatically makes your patch a lot wider in a very musical way.

I love my AK and I’m glad I didn’t sell it … but man I would love to control my REV2 with that beautiful sequencer. I’m looking for CV to midi right now so if anybody tried that and have some recommendations, please let me know!! Cheers!!