A4 Display repair


Got some problems with my A4 LCD Screen, looks not good like it would die in future…is there a resembling part to buy some where or do Elektron offer a solution with moderate prices…because I m located in Vienna

thanks for your help

To give you an idea, it cost me £73 to have an encoder replaced on my MD - £32 for the half hour’s work, £20 for the shipping, £6.40 for the spare part, and 25% tax. Not super cheap, but I was able to ship back my A4 in the same shipping (which was under warranty) and have the display (which was exhibiting the issue where it is kinda slow to “transition”) and a loose encoder fixed.

In all honesty it was worth it because it was easier than trying to track down the spare parts and find someone local who could fix it!

Hey thanks, that was my direction of thinking, so the best is to contact Elektron direct…?

Yeah, just contact them via the support section of the website and they should be able to help, they’ve been helpful whenever I’ve contacted them!

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Yes fine…I have the same experience :wink:
Got also an MD…but screen ist top edge :wink:
Love it😍real great!

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Somewhat related – I recently got a replacement UI Board for my RYTM MKI; this is the board that sits right below the front face and has all the encoders, the display, buttons, etc. It cost around $150 shipped to the US, but honestly it was worth it. The machine feels like new!

Super easy to install – took me about 10 minutes.


Sounds intresting, was there no soldering involved?
Cheers Chris

That’s right – at least on the RYTM, the swap involved simply removing the knobs, removing the face plate (6x hex screws), removing the screws that hold the UI board in place (there were quite a few on the RYTM, a powered screwdriver helps), unfastening a couple of ribbon connectors, swapping the new board in, and re-assembling in reverse order.

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