A4 as Audio interface - proper voice routing tips?


Hey all. I’m using my A4 in overbridge mode as an audio interface on my imac. I can’t seem to figure out settings which will prevent synth tracks on the A4 from going directly out the main outs, instead of routing through ableton alone. I can avoid nasty doubling, by making sure monitoring is off in Ableton, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent the audio from the synth tracks from hitting the main output. I’ve messed with the voice routing to main/fx but can’t seem to hit a happy medium between zero output (everything off) and doubled output. Any suggestions on how to set up the audio routing on the device and in ableton live to get (a) post effects tracks recorded into ableton, (b) the main “1/2” output from ableton live sending just the output from ableton and not the synth tracks from that A4 directly.

Does that make sense? Any help appreciated.


Having this exact same issue, hard to find much on the web about this.

I have it working almost to my liking; using my A4 as an audio interface only (not the plugin.)

I had to go into global and voice routings and turn off the four track routings, and the fx routings in the A4 menu.

Then I played around with the Elektron audio setup page; turning on all the track’s individual inputs; and also turning on the mains out LR to the Analog 4.

Now I can run external instruments on 4 tracks with effects. No doubling or monitoring of the A4s tracks.

Only thing I can’t figure out is how to run the A4’s inputs into ableton; I turn on the tracks in the Elektron app and they look active, but no inputs show up as active in Ableton…

Next battle to try and figure out how to do the same using the A4’s plugin.