A4 and Moog Sub 37

I am a guitarist who has recently ventured into the world of synthesizers with an A4 and this week a Sub37. Both are incredible and fantastic complements to my primary passion, guitar. I have read the manual and other posts regarding using the A4 to control the Sub37, but thus far nothing has really impressed me. Perhaps I am missing something.

I am using the setup described in the A4 manual on page 63, with one y cable for pitch and gate and then a mono cable for filter. I also went into the A4 CV menu and followed the directions on page 63.

Question: Do I need to set up two notes? If so, why and how do I access those two notes? Right now, I have C set to 3 volts. I have a feeling that it should be set to 1 volt and another note (not sure which one should be set to 4 volts). Again, not sure why and if so, how do I leverage these two notes

Right now, all I hear on the sub37 when I execute a pattern on the A4 is the last note played on the sub37. Sort of nice, but I was expecting much more and I suspect I am either overlooking some important functionality when I have the A4 control aspects of the sub37. I just don’t know how.

Thoughts and advice appreciated.

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