A4/AK Mk1 prices going down?


I’d be interested in a 500/ 600 A4 and AR, well worth it at those prices


A good condition A4 mk1 went on uk eBay a few days ago for £426.



Want to get the mk1 Trinity and mess around, but thinking it may be better to learn one at a time while prices keep falling.




Honestly, it really doesn’t matter at all. Any/each of them will provide you years of fun / enjoyment / learning; and if you value your time at all, the price differential could be quite minimal.

Just as good to buy gear at X then spend Y time trying to find a bargain for Z price…


Rytm will bottom out around $825 shipped. Buy mine! :slight_smile:


No, in all honestly, Rytm was a great intro to the sequencer methodology without some of the more difficult nuances of the Octatrack.


I concur with the RYTM being a great way to get into Elektron style workflow. The OT is king all the way but it is vastly more complex and could be a turn off for some.
RYTM has sample playback and also fairly flexible synthesis with the new dual vco machine so you get a little taste of a lot of the dark trinity possibilities.
When you finally land the trinity you’ll wonder how you lived without as each machine supports the other by either propping up strengths or replacing shortcomings.


I am waiting for MachineDrums and MonoMachine prices to drop.




I just saw a used monomachine mk1 in OK condition at Guitar Center for $1200.
I offered them $600. We all had a good laugh :laughing:


I paid a little too much for my MK1s when I got them about 2 years ago. But they are in brand new minty condition so it’s still worth something. :grinning:


I think Elektron will have to release something pretty special to shake MD and Monomachine prices, I’ve been eyeballing the market for those two machines for some years now and the only time it has been kind of soft from what I remember was when the very last of the production MDs were still available and the mk1 analogs were just coming out. Some sold with the mk2 releases also but prices didn’t seem to really go anywhere


The price of these is interesting. Despite the lowered price when they were discontinued, they have gone up to at least original retail price or higher for a mint unit. I think when the last handful of units begin to exit the warranty phase we may start to see a decent price drop on the used market.

OT: I think the mki trinity is gonna end up sitting at 500-600$ a box


Agree- well I did finally have the chance to try out an MFB Tanzmaus for the first time this weekend and enjoyed the sounds. Only downside to the MFB Tanzmaus is tiny buttons and not clear workflow! Anyways I am waiting on the MFB Tanzbar v2 and Soma Pulsar 23 drum synths to come out before deciding on what drum box to get. I figure that the samples on the OT and A4 sound good enough to me and I can always tweak FX and LFO/oscillators if I want new drum sounds. Either that or go to modular drums albeit expensive.


hindsight being 20/20 and all, I’m still kicking myself for not pulling the trigger on a monomachine when they were clearing them out. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much as I would now. After a stint with modular, learning Elektron machines is much more achievable.


Indeed- I only wish that the A4 had more than 4 tracks to me that is the biggest Achilles’ heel that Elektron needs to fix. Drums, pads, bass all sound dope as heck and allow me to save for modular gear rather than buy an expensive drum machine. The drum samples on the OT are great as well. Rytm is good but the bugs and freeze issues on the MK2 have me waiting to make a move on one for now. By that time, I probably will consider something different like MFB Tanzbar v2, Soma Pulsar or modular drums.


Four tracks is sufficient for me due to sound locks. Can pretty much use 1 track for drums. But I also have an akeys which helps when wanting another 4 tracks. The price of A4 mk1 it is so cheap it is not out of the realm of impossibility to get a second one at a low price, if it is really your prime synth. If not invest the money elsewhere or save it.


I need at least 2-3 tracks for kick and clap or bass drum/snare on the A4. Fortunately the OT has good drum samples so this frees up the A4 for pads/FX.


Do you use sound locks for drums on A4?


Yep, chiptune techniques. I’ve learned to squeeze more into one track than most people can people can achieve with four :smiley: I’d love to give the A4 a try to see if I can do the same things as I do on the Digitone or nanoloop…