A4/AK Mk1 prices going down?


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u sure about this?


At least Elektron marketing told us so. Time will tell …

(they told us also Overbridge was coming in Feb. … so, well)


I actually plan on eventually replacing my machines with people to start a band… :grin:
It’s tuff finding folks that hear similar things in their heads when the base group is every musician you meet…
Once I actually get my solo stuff going and performing I figure certain people will approach me that already like the vibe they hear and are like “hey man, I hear similar things in my head that you do and can actually play that synth so you don’t have to loop it”… Sort of selective filtering… Hopefully eventually I’ll get back to full time guitar… (Of curse running through the OT)… :rofl:


Ooooh Yeh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2Y7ESqe6lM
I’d love to play in a band again. Just away too much too long for work.

Anyway, got my new A4mk1 in January for AU$1,099 with a 10% seasonal discount, which is what I paid for the Digitakt!


Thanks to this thread I just bought a used mk 1, on a whim really (entered a fairly cheeky eBay bid, wasn’t thinking that I’d win). Looking forward to getting it!


Your thinking rap, hip hop is full of variety in both composition and lyrics.


Annnnd it’s just arrived. Looks absolutely mint. A bargain really, I honestly think it would be harder to get more synth for your money than a mk.1 A4.


I just got a used A4mk1 with an Elektron bag for less than my Digitakt cost me… hard to beat that. Loving this as an addition to my setup. No doubt the mk2 is great - the DT’s screen & encoders are definitely higher quality - but the A4mk1 is an amazing piece of gear for the prices it’s going for right now.


Same here - got a used, 1 year old A4 mk1 on monday which cost me 700€ - condition is pretty much mint and the encoders all work fine.

Really stoked and already spent several extremely happy hours with it. Kinda the multitimbral sound design box i always wanted !

Great money/value ratio the used mk1’s


One for 500 in Bristol. Crazy cheap


So I’ve been trying to sell my AK for a while now. It’s too large for my space, I only got it over the A4 for indiv. outputs. I’d gladly have a MKII for indiv. outs or even a MKI as I actually don’t use the indiv. outs much… Anyway…

But what I can’t understand is how insane the prices have gotten. There’s a Mk1 on Reverb for $650 BIN!!! MKII’s are now under $1K…

That’s nuts! These are astounding devices… There’s not a poly analog synth that can touch these things, especially considering the sequencer, etc.

Is this just a result of Elektron shi#ing the bed with Overbridge and it’s bringing down the market value/reputation of their stuff? I can’t think of any other reason why the A4/AK would be getting hammered so badly in terms of resale…

But I guess it’s great for people that are looking to pick one up dirt cheap…

Sigh… An A4 for the price of a mid-level Korg… That’s just sad…


Maybe? My first guess would just be supply and demand, and the speed of sale.


you realize the irony of this, right? Keys is easily one of the best analog synths on the market and ppl are happily trading it for peanuts. Good luck with that… :joy:


There is a mod for individual outputs, easier than Wavedrum mod maybe. :wink:


IMHO elektron got lot of hype with the A4 and AR mk1, lot of people bought them and now some are upgrading and those which didn’t like it are unloading so the second hand market is flooded right now.


Yea feels like a buyers market right now… I was gonna get a moog grandmother but with the deals so good on the A4 mk1 right now it just feels like I can’t pass on it… I’ve definitely seen prices go up and down on other modern synths so I’d say get them while they are hot. Still the grandmother tempts me.


Seriously go for it.

Bought a mk1 for 700€ in great shape + elektron cv breakout cable on top.

Totally in love with this Box - never had so much fun with a synth like with the A4. And loving the mk1 formfactor aswell :wink:


The market for A4 is deep frozen, there is no demand. Locally i have seen them go for 5-600 euros and still being a hard sell. Same goes for Rytm where the sellers haven´t realized that the market is in the 6-700 euros bracket :kissing_heart:


Just got mine in from ebay yesterday for 500$USD :mage:t2: seriously this thing is great and the price is practically preposterous.

this is where I got after one late night of learning and then some fiddling today
-all the sounds but the drums I programmed up myself, brilliant box I’d say

I could see why some want to upgrade though because it really is good enough to spend the money to have the best version of it if you can of afford it. Sadly I’m not yet filled to the brim with money.