A very honest freestyle (made on syntakt)

Went a lil sunken yachty with it and found some things to confess… lost some loved ones recently and have been trying to come to terms with getting older in a rapidly changing world (in other words, the feeling of barreling towards entropy).


While I know this isn’t for everyone and possibly for no one other than myself, I know I’m not the only person feeling these emotions so maybe this song can help others feel less alone.

As for the creation of it, it was kind of a two-pass freestyle… the beat was composed beforehand but performed out in one take. I was away from home and not intending to make a project with vocals so I decided to use my iPhone mic with GarageBand running, routed into the syntakt’s inputs… lyrics also fully improvised. Both the beat and vocals were recorded over usb from the ST into Ableton. Not exactly the recipe for a perfect mix but I polished it best I could. Whether it’s a turd, a stone, a gem… that’s up to you I suppose. I just know I “spoke my truth” or whatever.