A Show of Shows - Superbooth, SFF, NAMM - Spring 23

It’s so pretty

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The new Rhodes is at NAMM in Hall A, Booth 10307.

Not sure if this means anything but they just e-mailed me a historic look at the Rhodes Chroma.
It was designed by ARP originally.

If they’re doing more new products, an updated version of this might be in order.


Just added the latest myTracks video to this thread.

… not to mention the last video they just posted on their FB :slight_smile: Polyend

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They have a new MPE MIDI Guitar controller, with a conventional electric guitar body shape.

Looks like they’re calling it the Polyend Voice. ( thread )

ADDED : Who knows for sure the name. Perhaps Tracker Mini ? Yup.


Still nothing. Nothing-track. Nothing-takt. This must be some kind of mistake right? I mean, they better not release anything new, because I just bought their latest thing. But also, is it abandoned if the last new update was months ago? I paid money for this thing



All the recent major news drops (updates) have fallen on Wednesday, smaller ones Thursdays. Tomorrow Polyend is revealing their thing, so maybe Elektron will tease something on Thursday. I think closer to Superbooth in May will be the show for Elektron news.


Yeah, NAMM is where Elektron will do all the confidential set up for the Superbooth reveal next month.

And as for trademark, it’s sufficient to trademark after the reveal, as they did for one of their products.

Do i think something is really on the way? I’m not in the in-crowd, like some around here. Yeah i mean you big-shot !

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I think it is called the mistakt


Now they know everyone on this forum is watching, that seems not unlikely


Maybe the trademark is already registered. They just change MK2 for MK3 :slight_smile: . And “that product” owners will be happy.


Will Teenage Engineering be taking their own Table lol?

Wonder if they will drop something major? OP-Z etc

Can’t believe its nearly been a year since Field / Syntakt etc unveiled.


Last update months ago?
My a4 didn’t update for ages
Love it though


Last i looked they are signed up only with Superbooth.

They might be there, just for the fun of it. Or …

Been digging using a tube based pre amp. This looks interesting. Started wondering about swapping out different tubes seeing someone on youtube doing it.

Wonder if this uses multiple tubes and can be swapped easily. Looks tubular. Though I do wonder, not that I’m sore on digital vs analog, but is there much of a noticeable difference in audio over usb vs just analog?

Ah gotcha. Hopefully they have something cool and not a novelty or accessory product.

You like playing around with vacuum tubes ? Check out the Telmatronic Groovetube ( post ). Not at any show that i am aware of, but it would get all sorts of attention if it was.

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Teenage Engineering Soap-on-a-Rope?

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In the category of the totally unique synth, will be the Silhouette. It has been an annual thing at Superbooth, building steam each year with a more complete and unique optical/audio device. I think they sold a one of a kind synth last year. It gets better every year. They are at Superbooth again this year.