A new calendar 2019 for us synth people


As an illustrator and graphic designer I realized that we Elektronauts need our own calendar. So I decided to design one. This is the must-have item for your studio wall etc. You can mark down your gig-days, upcoming album releases etc. Instead of the normal holidays and special calendar days I put in special synth holidays like 303-day, 606-day, 707-day, Bob Moog’s birthday, NAMM 2019 etc. etc.

Today I got both versions almost ready for print and decided to show it to you. The calendar for 2019 (Poster size 700x1000mm) features the legendary Mk1 Dark Trinity. My intention is to make this an international commercial product and a continuing tradition with different drawings of synths every year. I made two versions this far, coloured and b&w, but if I have time next week I’ll maybe design a couple more colour variations. At the moment I’m on my way for a small holiday, but feel free to comment, suggest and so on. I’ll do my best to get corrections done and these posters in print when I come back to Finland.

If you’re interested in ordering one, you can comment too. The price will be a reasonable one, the postage from Finland could prove to be not so reasonable.


Drats! I was hoping for a month by month calendar with hot synths in bathing suits :confused:


Alas, you have only @Wolf-Rami in a bathing suit. :wink:

These look cool @Wolf-Rami. Nice work.


Is Overbridge release date marked in the calendar? :rofl:


I’ll include a reusable sticker for that. You can move it around.


Fresh from the printhouse. They’re here!
The first run is almost sold out locally (especially the white one), but I’ll take another run if need arises.


Hi m8, where can i buy this calendar? Please send me the info and where i need to pay to theripped@utchcorporation.com
Thanks :slight_smile: