New Track


That is super good!


its a good job i removed my reaction…
hint - complete opposite opinion.


well thats not really removing then…is it. the more noble thing to have done would have to have just kept it the way it was. now you’ve redone what you initially did in a back handed kinda of way.

fortunately for us…our tastes are our own. i think this track is TITS!

i wager if you gave it a few runs, rather than todays hit and run sampling of a tune style of listening [not saying thats what YOU do]…you may uncover shit that pulls you in. reading the forum…it seems like that happens a lot. people getting into exai now…after not really liking it when it came out.
give it time…allow it to ferment…one listen of anything really isnt a fair shake.

i can get over the constant changes in space in this track. love it.


I do respect what they do , but my initial response wasn’t adding anything to my previous comments in this thread.

The track had tiny snippets that I liked but it then returned to clattery fm randomness , leaving me feel disappointed. I do presume they’re more popular / influential now than they’ve ever been and I can’t fault them for pushing further with their own unique sound.


It feels a bit weird for Autechre to be releasing something that isn’t going to take a week to listen to.
I think their recent stuff works best when listened to in long stretches. A 10 minute track on its own feels a bit odd. If this was in the middle of one of the NTS sessions I think it would sit better.
I’m assuming it’s a leftover they had from the NTS stuff rather than a whole new thing, perhaps makes it a bit disappointing as they don’t often repeat themselves sonically.

Having said all of that, I like it.


hmm. I have a different perceiption. Exai, Elsequ, Ae live and NTS are closely related sonically. I loved it first, but now I have the feeling they repeat themselves a bit. It’s crazy good of course, but it gets hard for me to distinguish all this material.
I guess their tracks are based on the same Max Patch since Exai, just developing it further and further. Could be completely wrong of course


Apparently it appeared in the 2016 live sets, I think? According to someone on watmm anyway. I need to revisit those…


My impression is that it’s not the same patch, but a slow evolution of similar patching concepts and timbral explorations. So, to your point, how ‘based on’ is each patch iteration? That’s what fascinates me.

I do agree with @Fin25 that it’s strange just hearing a single Autechre track on an island though. I haven’t sorted my feelings about their insane amount of, admittedly brilliant, content they’ve released over the last few years. I love it but it’s just so much and maybe too much.

AE fan signing off :slight_smile: