I miss landlines :slight_smile:


I admit: did not know. I even wrote it above as a recommendation. Edited.

So finally getting around it

Yes. It’s now my jogging music for…quite awhile.

So straight off the bat: it sounds incredible. The mix is a giant leap from Exai / Elseq imo. Everything is crystal clear and given proper space: highs shimmer and lows smack. Effects and lush. In comparison Exai and Elseq are a bit foggy and thin (serving from memory, anyway).

When this dropped I was a bit muffed about this apparent hard drive dump going on. (“Art is editing” comes to mind) But if the rest is up to par with gonk steady one, then I’ll happily accept whatever they got on offer.


It’s great. Session 3 still current fave, but they are all ace. Way more engaging than elseq. Can’t wait for the vinyl to ship.
Can’t agree with you about exai though. I think that is an amazing sounding record.


I think there’s quite a bit of editing. It’s just different than past albums. But it’s far more edited than, say, the hard drive dump of Aphex Twin’s massive SoundCloud uploads.

NTS Sessions are simultaneously edited to be:

  • 4 2-hour radio broadcasts
  • 8 CDs
  • 12 records
  • A bunch of separate digital files/songs.

I find it best when I treat the NTS stuff less as a new Exai or even Elseq, and more like the AE_LIVE releases. I love just letting a couple of AE_LIVE sessions play while I work and there is such a nice flow through those sets. I get less antsy about wanting to skip or shuffle and just let them play. The length of the NTS tracks and the way many of them flow together while having various subsections that will likely give each CD and each side of vinyl their own sub-personalities makes it easy to find good music to listen to for a chunk of time like 40 minutes without having to think about it.

And I agree: sounds are crystal clear. I hate it. I mean, I like it, but it makes me hate my own material and shitty mixing skills and over-production that much more.


I feel it this way as well so far.
They don’t feel like an album release, more like a live session.
I still have my problems with the track lengths, sometimes it becomes boring.

Can’t agree on that. Especially Exai is one of their best. Massive tracks.

Not sure yet. Elseq also suffers with too long tracks, but it felt more like an album release to me. Thing may change with further listenings.

For sure.
But that’s one of the things I love about the soundclouds dump :slight_smile:


You might be right. These boys obviously put back into it and so the real dump has yet to come.

Yeah it’s a tough one, being a producer while Autechre exists. But they are a great model and / or competition to look to.

It is amazing sounding and massive by general standards. No doubt. My point only was that NTS sounds - is mixed and / or mastered - better and only in comparison does Exai sound a bit weaker.


Huh, I thought the opposite, personally. There are a few moments—like that big dubby drop 12:45 in north spiral for example—where I’ve thought there is nowhere near enough bass for what is happening in the track… Having said that though, stuff like violvoic kinda negates that, especially on decent monitors. Brutal track.


violvoic is fuckin amazing

and tt1pd


Just got to it. WOW. :astonished:

But renforces my point: show me something on Ex/El that is as defined as the retriggering thups near the end.

It’s so inspiring. I’m constantly going “k I’m stealing that, I’m taking this, how could they have done that…” it’s great to have them.



i hadn’t heard this before , but its very nice
1994 … yup , 24 years ago!!!. i’d be happy if i could make this now.


“The most interesting request we had was from a guy who makes modular hardware and he was on about us porting over some of our sequences to a modular environment. That was intriguing. What holds us back is a couple of things. One, we don’t have a very wide user base. We have a user base of two.”

English self-deprecation at it again. :wink:


Nice interview.
“Our system is great for making Autechre tracks, but I’m not sure if everybody else wants to do that. And if they do, I’m not sure I want them to.”


Will listen to it later , though I already have the ‘autechre’ gear I need.
Juno 106 full of presets , 808 (got rid of my r8 years ago ), se50/70 , quadraverb , sh101 , sampler , nord .i do like a lot of their earlier work and have a lot of respect for them




Lets not forget about these two gems, Chiastic Slide and the Envane EP!


…any and all GESCOM as well.


Yeah, Envane EP…so good. Was my first buy of Autechre after hearing Warp’s Blech ||, which I can btw also highly recommend.


My favorite EP, as well. All tracks are magic