A first song on the Digitone


Here is a first song I did on (mostly) the Digitone. The process went quite fast as I really dig the Elektron workflow. Since it’s an FM synth, I aimed for a 80s vibe. I used the sequencer to control a Korg Monologue for part of the bass spectrum and also a Behringer RD-8 for the claps and hi-hats. The rest was inside the box.

I’m quite happy with the result for a first time !

Here are the links for Spotify and Apple Music

Best wishes,

I would really like to listen to it but I don’t have any of the services.

P.S. I live in Montreal too and I know a Christian Leduc. Aren’t you a doctor?

No I’m not. I do work in the medical field though, as I’m the editor-in-chief of a magazine dedicated to physicians and pharmacists.

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Just as a sidetone, I did use the new song mode on the Digitone.